Zeenat Aman remembered Dimple Kapadia when she used to do betting, said – in my most difficult times she…

New Delhi. Zeenat Aman, famous for her nostalgic Instagram posts, shared a picture of her years old. This picture is black and white, in which she is seen with director Joy Mukherjee and actress Dimple Kapadia. The actress is seen smoking a cigarette in the picture. In her long caption accompanying the throwback, Zeenat not only talked about the dimples but also advised fans to ‘not get influenced by her smoking in the picture’.

Zeenat Aman has shared a long post. He wrote- ‘I can’t remember where this picture was taken, but it definitely had something to do with the film ‘Chhaila Babu’. Maybe this is a BTS shot from the set. I say this because back then the chairs screamed ‘production’. I was in my own clothes. With me is the film’s director Joy Mukherjee and an excited Dimple Kapadia, who used to come to the set after marrying the lead actor.

The 70s beauty further mentioned herself and Dimple Kapadia. He said- ‘Thanks to Raj Kapoor, Dimple and I both got a big break in our careers. She was a teenager when she was cast in the role of ‘Bobby’. Whereas, thanks to SSS, I was able to set the industry on fire with my ‘Western image’.

Zeenat Aman further wrote- ‘This is not a post about Dimple’s talent, although she has a lot of this talent. It’s about his character, what I’ve seen. She was one of the few people who stood with me publicly during a very difficult period in my life. During those difficult times, he taught me a strength of character that I still admire today. I don’t believe she’s on Instagram, but maybe @twinklerchanna will convey my love to her. In fact, when I got this picture a few days ago, I couldn’t stop myself from appreciating it.

Zeenat Aman’s post.

At the end of her note she told her fans, ‘Please don’t be impressed by my smoking in this photo! I will admit that I did enjoy cigarettes between my late teens and early 30s, but as soon as I became pregnant with my first child, that all went away!’

Let us tell you that after her troubled marriage with actor Mazhar Khan in 1985, Zeenat Aman started appearing less in films. He died in the year 1998. She had two sons from Mazhar, Azaan Khan and Jahaan Khan.

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