Zakir Khan remembered his school days, told from where he got the experience of politics, said – ‘Participating in elections…’

New Delhi: Comedian and actor Zakir Khan recalls his school days and reveals how participating in elections increased his understanding and maturity. Zakir is playing the role of Ronnie in the third season of ‘Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare’. ‘Other stories I’ve seen or heard don’t match my own experiences,’ he said of the idea behind the series.

The actor further said, ‘When I told my college days and life experiences to my friends, they all were surprised. Then the thought came, why not share these stories with the world? This is what inspired me to work on this story. He said, ‘When I went from a boys school to a coed school, there were elections for House Captain. During my school days, I experienced all the campaigns and politics that people usually face when they grow up. I believe that my maturity came from these early activities.

The show also stars Amrita Khanvilkar, Alka Amin, Vyom Sharma, Venus Singh and Kumar Varun in lead roles. The show ‘Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare’ is streaming on Amazon MiniTV. Let us tell you that apart from comedy and acting, Zakir Khan is also fond of writing. He has also been a part of the comedy show ‘On Air’. He grew up in Madhya Pradesh, but is originally from Rajasthan.

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