‘You earn this much money, not Rs 450’, when the cab driver retorted to the superhit hero, know the truth of the viral video.

Mumbai. ‘Vikrant Massey’, who is in the hearts of people with his acting in Bollywood films like ‘Chhapaak’ and ’12th Fail’, has achieved fame on his own. After working in TV for many years, Vikrant Massey turned to Bollywood films and after becoming successful, he also became a superhit hero. Vikrant Massey is included in the list of down to earth actors.

Despite being a big hero, Vikrant Messi lives a very ordinary life. Now a video of Vikrant Messi is going viral on social media. In this video, Vikrant Messi is seen fighting with the cab driver for just Rs 450. This video has been released by the cab driver himself. As soon as the video was released, it went viral on social media.

Fight took place for just Rs 450
In this video viral on social media, cab driver Vikrant is seen arguing with Messi. The cab driver even tells Messi that you are such a big star and earn so much money but cannot pay Rs 450. Actually, this video was made by the cab driver himself on his phone.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 9, 2024, 23:15 IST

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