Why did the ‘Panchayat’ MLA get angry at Pankaj Tripathi? Manoj Bajpayee taunted about stealing slippers – ‘Such people…’

Mumbai. The third season of the web series ‘Panchayat’ is going to be released on May 28. Pankaj Jha has played the role of MLA in the series. Pankaj is a great actor. He has worked in many TV shows, films and web series. Pankaj Jha’s acting career spans more than 2 decades. He is playing the role of MLA Chandra Kishore in the Panchayat, whom the people of Phulera call MLA Ji. Pankaj Jha recently targeted Pankaj Tripathi. Pankaj Tripathi replaced him in the film ‘Gang of Wasseypur’. This is the same film which made Pankaj Tripathi a star overnight.

Pankaj Jha was the makers’ first choice for Sultan in Gang of Wasseypur. When he was offered this role, he was in Patna. Later, when he spoke to the makers, casting director Mukesh Chhabra did not pick up his call. Then he came to know that the role went to Pankaj Tripathi. Pankaj says that Pankaj Tripathi has glamorized his struggle a lot.

Pankaj Tripathi’s award winning international film is going to be released in India, know when it will hit the theatres.

According to Aaj Tak, Pankaj Jha said that he does not like the word struggle. If you are determined to fulfill your dream, then you should enjoy it. Many actors in the industry glamorize their struggle. Many people say that they have sold potatoes. Live in a small house. The slippers of the actors have been stolen.

Pankaj Tripathi stole Manoj Bajpayee’s slippers

This sarcasm about stealing slippers and living in a small house was beyond Pankaj Tripathi’s taste. Pankaj Tripathi has revealed this in many interviews. He also told that when Manoj Bajpayee was staying as a guest in a hotel, he had stolen Manoj’s slippers. Pankaj Jha did not stop here. He said that such people have a lot of complexes. Their ego is big.

On whom did Pankaj Jha take a dig?

Pankaj Jha said that if you do not give emotion to these people, they get angry. Become angry. He doesn’t like working with you. You will also tell your friends not to work with them. Pankaj Jha also comes from Bihar like Pankaj Tripathi and Manoj Bajpayee. Apart from being an actor, he is also a painter.

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