This market of Delhi was a hub of courtesans, it was no less than Hiramandi, know why it is being discussed now

Gauhar/Delhi: Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s web series ‘Heeramandi’, which has created a stir on the OTT platform Netflix, is being liked a lot by the people at this time. This web series has become the most watched Indian series on Netflix till date. At the same time, many people are also talking about many different things related to it, but the way this forgotten history has been depicted in this web series. One thing is clear from that that this web series has become a topic of discussion among the people at this time.

The courtesans and brothels of ‘Heeramandi’ have been mentioned in this web series. Actually, that place is currently in Lahore city of Pakistan, but hardly people would know that a similar ‘Heeramandi’ which was called Bazaar-e-Husn. Once upon a time there used to be a place in Old Delhi. Which people now know as Chawri Bazaar in Old Delhi. We are going to tell you more about the history related to this in detail later in this article.

History before the Mughal period
According to historian Anushka Jain, the history of tawaifs and brothels is older than the Mughal and British era. She also said that these tawaifs were skilled artists, adept in singing, dancing and other arts. They were patrons of classical music and dance, and some of them became influential figures of their time on the cultural scene. The charm of these tawaifs brought kings, nawabs, poets and sahibs to their doorsteps.

Famous courtesans and stories related to them
The famous courtesans of Chawri Bazar were Roopmati, Anarkali, Rana Dil, Lal Kunwar Noor Bai, Chamani Ram Jani, Uttam Bai, Firdaus Jaan, Begum, Alfina and Panna Bai, but the courtesan Mubarak Begum and the mosque built in her name are still present in Chawri Bazar and you will find many stories related to her in history. It is said that Mubarak Begum was earlier married to British resident David Ochterlony and after Ochterlony’s death, Mubarak Begum built this mosque in his memory. Which people today know as Masjid Mubarak Begum.

The architectural structures of that time are still there
Even today you can go to Chawri Bazaar to see the architectural structures of that era, which will remind you of the old times’ brothels and the courtesans who lived in them. Anushka Jain told that she runs a company called Inroot Indian History. Under which she often takes tourists on a heritage walk here and she has named that walk as Tawaifs and Kothas Walk. In which she tells people about these old architectural structures and also makes them aware of the history related to courtesans and brothels. If you also want to do this walk with them, then you have to go to their website Inroot Indian History and book your slot by paying some money.

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