The director asked Rahul- how can I make him Rekha’s husband? | The director asked Rahul- how can I make him Rekha’s husband?: The actor said- nepotism happens in every business, but 99 percent are not eligible

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Recently, actor Rahul Singh has been seen in the role of a police officer in the web series ‘Naam Gum Jayega’ based on the Mumbai 1993 bomb blast. The actor recently had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar regarding this series. During this, he shared an anecdote related to director Shyam Benegal’s film ‘Zubaida’ and said that when he went to ask for work, the director had said, how can I make you Rekha’s husband. The actor also talked about the issue of nepotism and shared some more anecdotes related to his life.

The first obstacle in every artist’s journey comes from his home

During the conversation, Rahul Singh told that when he thought about acting profession, his family members opposed it. He says, ‘The first obstacle in the journey of every artist comes from his family. That obstacle comes in the form of well-wishers. Family members want you to settle in whatever you do. When I told my family members about acting profession, their first question was, ‘So, will you do it?’ First, I convinced my family members that I can do acting. I was doing theatre in those days. I showed the play to my family members.

When I got my first film, I wondered how I got it without any hassle

Rahul Singh said- After taking training in theatre from Royal Academy of Drama in London and acting from British Film Institute, as soon as I came to Mumbai, I got a film. I was wondering how I got a film as soon as I came. I did not face any problems. Anyway, I shot for 15-20 days for the film ‘The Marriage of Red Sari’. I had the lead role in this film. That film had songs by Gulzar sahab and music by Vishal Bhardwaj. There was an argument between the producer and the director over something and the film was shelved.

After making the showreel he reached Shyam Benegal

I was also doing modelling in those days. I became a little more serious about work. I was doing many episodic serials in those days. A showreel of it was made. I dropped him at Shyam Benegal sahab’s office. I came to know that Benegal sahab was making ‘Zubeida’. The film was to be shot in Rajasthan. I myself am from Rajasthan. I also have knowledge of the culture. Whatever knowledge an actor shares to sell himself, I told all that to Benegal sahab.

Got the role of Uday Singh in Zubeida

That film was based on a true story. I knew the basic story. I told Shyam Benegal that I wanted to do the film. He said- How can I make you Rekha’s husband. You are still a child? I said- Sir, put on a moustache. Shyam Sir said- Have you gone mad? Then he gave me the role of Uday Singh and Manoj Bajpayee played the role of Maharaja Vijayendra Singh.

Nepotism exists in every business

After Zubeida, I did many films like ‘Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai, Darna Mana Hai, Tere Bin Laden, Delhi Belly, Stanley Ka Dabba, The Ghazi Attack’, Khiladi 786. It was God’s grace that my work was appreciated in the films I chose. As for nepotism, it happens in every business. A man makes his son sit after him. He wants his son and daughter to handle his business after him. But 99 percent of the people are not that capable. You are close, so you get ten chances.

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