That scene of ‘Ramayana’, which was not easy to shoot, every person was in tears, Ramanand Sagar’s eyes were also moist.

New Delhi. Ramanand Sagar has given many historical films to Hindi cinema, but he would never have thought that the Ramayana he was producing for TV would once again come into discussion after the 80s. After huge demand from people during the lockdown, the popular serial Ramayana was once again telecast on Doordarshan. People who had seen Ramayana in the 80s used to say that people used to sit with folded hands in front of the TV to watch Ramayana. In 2020, Ramayana came on TV again and the TRP of this show created a big history and also made a world record in terms of viewers.

People of old times still tell how much love people had for Ramayana. Ramanand Sagar left no stone unturned to make Ramayana the best. Every scene was shot in detail. But do you know, during the shooting of the show, there was a scene which was not at all easy to shoot. Everyone’s eyes were moist at the shooting place and even Ramanand Sagar had become emotional. Let us tell you which shoot it was…

Sunil Lahiri had narrated that story
Sunil Lahiri, who played the role of ‘Lakshman’ in Ramayana, had shared interesting things about many stories related to Ramayana on social media. He has mentioned an incident during the shoot of which Ramanand Sagar along with the entire cast of Ramayana cried a lot.

Ramanand Sagar’s eyes were also moist
This story is from the time when King Dasharatha died after Ram went into exile. Sunil had told that while shooting this episode, everyone started crying emotionally. The situation was such that even director Ramanand Sagar’s eyes were moist. Sunil Lahiri had shared memories related to this scene on his Twitter.

The character of Dasharatha was played by actor Jayshree Gadkar.

Kaushalya was in bad condition crying continuously.
Sunil Lahiri had told that shooting this episode was not easy. The one who was most upset during this shooting was Kaushalya, who is the real wife of Dashrath i.e. Jayshree Gadkar. He told that after this case it took him almost a day to recover. She was also sad because this was the last shoot of Maharaja Dashrath, he was very cheerful by nature.

Ramayana was aired in 1987
Ramayana was first telecast on Doordarshan in 1987. At that time it got a lot of love among the audience. In Ramayana, the character of Ram was played by Arun Govil, the character of Sita was played by Deepika Chikhalia, the character of Laxman was played by Sunil Lahiri and the character of Hanuman was played by Dara Singh.

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