She was the queen of glamor for 10 years, at the age of 37 her mind wandered, Jogan became a beautiful actress in the ecstasy of devotion, now sings bhajans.

TV actress’s Spiritual Transformation: The world of cinema is such that it is very difficult to escape from its glare. Often people may criticize a person a lot after entering this world, but it is difficult to leave this world and live a normal life after becoming a star. There has been one such actress in the TV world, who has ruled TV for 10 years. But this 37 year old actress has said goodbye to the glamor world and is immersed in devotion. The one who used to give a lot of comedy laughs in the TV world, is now seen closing her eyes and drowning in the hymns of God. This actress, who ruled the TV world and gave superhit shows as a lead actress, has now been colored by her devotion to God.

We are talking, Actress Kamna Pathak, who played the role of Happu Singh’s wife Rajesh in the TV serial ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’. Kamna has kept distance from the world of TV for almost a year. But now Kamna Pathak’s fans are seeing her new look. The actress has been in the news for the last few days regarding her bhajans on social media. Kamna Pathak got married in December 2022. She remained in the show for a few months after her marriage, but then an accident happened and Kamna left the show.

37 year old Kamna Pathak played the amazing role of Rajesh in the serial ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’. His character became such a hit that everyone started knowing him by the name Rajesh alias ‘Rajjo’. Kamna had distanced herself from the serial in July last year itself. The actress had told on social media that an accident happened with her while going home from shooting. She was shocked by this accident and now she wants to spend time with her family. He said goodbye to the world of acting. After this accident, Kamna had written on social media, ‘During this period, I found that my parents’ health was declining and that apart from the care of doctors, they needed affection, affection and my time. Along with my health, I also had to look at my roots due to which I exist. They also have to be decorated and beautified with time and new energy has to be filled in them. Due to all these circumstances, I have extended the duration of my acting journey so that the tree of life can get new freshness. They liked my show and my character Rajesh alias Rajjo a lot, gave a lot of blessings and love, due to which this Zarra Aftaab became possible as I have written earlier.

After this announcement, Kamna, who was busy with her family, is now seen immersed in devotion along with her parents. The actress is now seen singing bhajans with her family on her social media. Kamna has also sung some bhajans on YouTube with Maithili Thakur, a big name in the world of bhajans. At the same time, she herself is now singing the hymns of many Mata Ki Bheta, Ram Ji and Hanuman Ji on her YouTube.

This is Kamna Pathak’s latest bhajan video, in which she is seen singing with the musicians. You also see.

Interestingly, in these bhajan videos of Kamna, her mother is seen playing dholak and father playing manjira. These videos are on his YouTube channel. Kamna sings many such bhajans, which she has learned from her maternal grandfather or grandmother.

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