‘Sex workers keep the society safe, the hunger that men have…’ Why did Shekhar Suman blame the society?

Mumbai. Shekhar Suman is very happy with the love that ‘Hiramandi: The Diamond Bazaar’ is getting. He is enjoying it. At the center of the series are the ‘prostitutes’ of Hiramandi. Shekhar has expressed the bitter truth of the society regarding this. He said there is a difference between sex workers and prostitutes. He said that both cannot be kept in one category. He said that prostitutes are often misunderstood and wrongly labeled as sex workers.

Shekhar Suman said in an interview to Radio City, “It is the society that has made him like this. It has been told many times in the show that no woman becomes a prostitute of her own free will. Circumstances often force women to become sex workers. Despite all this, his contribution to the society is immense…”

Sex workers save the society: Shekhar Suman

Shekhar Suman further said, “Where we come from, the kind of hunger that men have, the way it is channelized, society survives because of it.” Shekhar Suman has earlier said that ‘Hiramandi’ served as a place where people went to learn various skills like etiquette, art and music. It was like a “finishing school” where even the elite wanted education.

People from big families used to go to Hiramandi to study: Shekhar Suman

Shekhar Suman said, “Children were sent there, Nawab used to learn from them. Hiramandi’s contribution was huge, it was an institution, but we have always looked at tawaifs from a different perspective. There is no harm in being a prostitute. His contribution to the freedom movement was also shown in Hiramandi, which was important. She was anonymous. And died in anonymity.”

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