Salman Khan was about to be cast in Ghajini Before Amir khan. Salman Khan’s casting was going to happen in Ghajini: On the request of actor Pradeep, director Murugadoss replaced Salman with Aamir.

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The 2008 film Ghajini was a huge hit, in which Aamir Khan’s acting was highly appreciated. However, when preparations were going on to make the film, director A. R. Murugadoss wanted Salman Khan to be given the lead role in the film. However, on the request of actor Pradeep Rawat, he changed his decision.

Recently, actor Pradeep Rawat talked about the casting of the film Ghajini in an interview given to Siddharth Kanan. He has told that when director A. R. When Murugadoss decided to make his Tamil film Ghajini in Hindi, he wanted to give the lead role to Salman Khan in the film. However when A.R. When Murugadoss told this to Pradeep Rawat, he did not like the idea.

In the interview he said, I felt that Salman is a short tempered person and Murugadoss does not know Hindi and English. He didn’t even have any personality at that time. He told that he believed that the director might have faced difficulty in working with Salman Khan because of the language. So he himself suggested the name of Aamir, with whom he had worked in Sarfarosh. He believed that Murugadoss would find it easier to work with Aamir if he did not know the language.

Director AR, taken during the shooting of the film Ghajini.  Picture of Murugadoss and Aamir.

Director AR, taken during the shooting of the film Ghajini. Picture of Murugadoss and Aamir.

On this he said, I thought Aamir would be a great choice for this role, because he is very cool tempered and treats everyone with respect. In the last 25 years, I have never seen Aamir shouting and talking to anyone. He never insults anyone or speaks abusively. So I felt that handling Salman nature wise would be a bit complicated. Aamir Sharif is but very clever. Very smart.

Let us tell you that the film Ghajini was the Hindi remake of the Tamil film Ghajini, released in 2005. The Tamil film was also directed by AR Murugadoss. He made his directorial debut in Hindi cinema with Ghajini.

AR Murugadoss to direct Salman Khan in Sikandar

Salman Khan has announced his next film ‘Sikander’ on the occasion of Eid. This film was directed by South’s famous director A. R. Murugadoss will direct, who has previously directed Hindi films like Ghajini, Holiday and Akira. Sajid Nadiadwala will be its producer. Along with the announcement, Salman had also told that the film will be released on the occasion of Eid next year.

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