Ranveer Singh is out of Shaktimaan! The search for an Indian superhero continues, Mukesh Khanna said- ‘Did I do anything like this…’

Mumbai. Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna recently revealed that Ranveer Singh recently came to meet him in his office. After their meeting, many people started speculating that Ranveer will play the role of India’s original superhero ‘Shaktimaan’. ‘Shaktimaan’ has been the most popular TV show in the 90s. Shaktimaan’s title role was played by Mukesh Khanna. Mukesh has now released a video message, in which he said that he never said that Ranveer Singh would be the hero in the superhero film ‘Shaktimaan’.

Mukesh Khanna said that Ranveer Singh has not been officially signed for the title role in ‘Shaktimaan’. He said, “Ranveer Singh came to meet me. Within 2-3 hours of sharing this video, videos started being shared on news channels that Ranveer Singh has come to convince Mukesh ji. There is no more energetic actor than him in this industry.”

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