Prabhas got this movie with a budget of 4 crores, Salaar Star rejected it, then Allu Arjun got it, it turned out to be a blockbuster.


Sukumar then revealed that he was skeptical about casting Prabhas in the film. He said, ‘I took Dil Raju’s suggestion and narrated the story to Prabhas, but I was not sure whether he would fit into the role or not. Even Prabhas felt the same. But, when I saw Allu Arjun in the role of Bunny at the screening of ‘Dil’, before ‘Arya’, I was surprised by his physical language and personality. He listened to about 71 scripts but was not impressed, then, I narrated him the first part of ‘Arya’ and he was very happy.

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