‘Nikki’ got entangled between husband and son, tickled the audience with an interesting role, said – ‘With my children…’

New Delhi: In the film ‘Shinda Shinda No Papa’, Hina is playing the role of Gippy’s wife and Shinda Grewal’s mother. Hina said that the film gives a message to every parent that they can teach anything to their children with love and respect. Elaborating about her role, Hina told IANS, ‘I am playing the role of Shinda’s mother Nikki in the film. Nikki is always stuck on many issues between her husband and son. He believes that children can be taught the basic lessons of life by their parents with love and respect.

The actress further said that while the comedy element in the film is strong, the film also throws light on the relationship between parents and children. He said, ‘This film is definitely going to be full of laughs, but it also gives a big message to the audience. I am very happy to be a part of a film that highlights the importance of parents and children respecting each other.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 16, 2024, 22:47 IST

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