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Actors have to work hard to build their body. If it is about playing a special role in a film, then this hard work doubles. Actors hire fitness trainers to get into their roles. In the new episode of Reel to Real, we spoke to one such fitness trainer, Tridev Pandey. Tridev has recently trained Kartik Aryan.

After watching Aamir Khan in the movie Ghajini, the fashion of making six pack abs started. After six pack, the trend of eight pack abs started. Shahrukh showed a glimpse of it in the movie Happy New Year. By the way, why are we forgetting Salman Khan here. Salman Khan is considered the flag bearer of body building. Even at this age, his body is discussed a lot.

However, to build such a body, actors have to work hard. They have to control their eating habits. If it is a matter of playing a special role in a film, then this hard work doubles. Actors hire fitness trainers to get into their roles. These fitness trainers play a very important role in the body building of actors.

In the new episode of Reel to Real, we have talked to one such fitness trainer Tridev Pandey. He told that some actors use steroids to build a body quickly, but it is dangerous for the body. Tridev Pandey even told that the body of many big actors that we see is the result of taking steroids.

People had given the same advice to Karthik Aryan for the film Chandu Champion, but Karthik thought it better to build a natural body. Karthik had taken training from Tridev Pandey for Chandu Champion.

Building a body does not only mean six pack abs
Is it necessary for actors to have six pack abs? Is this the parameter for body building? In response, Tridev said, ‘No, it is not like that. As a fitness coach, I do not promote it at all. Body building does not only mean six pack abs. You should feel fit from within.

The body should be aesthetic in appearance. Making a six pack is practically easy. If someone is determined to have a six pack, he can achieve it after a few months of workout. However, the real problem is in maintaining it.’

After reducing the fat percentage in the body, by exercising every day, the muscles get gathered at one place, this is called six pack.

After reducing the fat percentage in the body, by exercising every day, the muscles get gathered at one place, this is called six pack.

Many actors are not able to maintain six pack abs
Tridev said that many actors develop six pack abs, but are unable to maintain it. After two to four months they go back to their original form. Tridev said, ‘You may look good by having a six pack, but I know how hollow the body is from inside.

You see for yourself, all the actors who had six pack abs at one time, their body is completely different today. It is okay to have a six pack for a particular role in films, but it is neither easy nor necessary to carry it for a long time.

Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir, all three have developed six pack abs at some point or the other for their respective films.

Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir, all three have sported six pack abs at one time or another for their respective films.

People advised Kartik Aryan to take steroids
We asked Tridev whether actors consume steroids to build a fast and muscular body. He said, ‘Of course we do.’ Right now I was training Kartik Aryan for the film Chandu Champion. When he came to me he weighed 90 kg. He was not able to do pushups. Couldn’t even do skipping (jumping rope). Used to get tired even after running for a long time on the treadmill.

He was to play the role of the country’s first Paralympic gold medalist Murlikant Petkar in the film. In such a situation, it was necessary to make a body. Many people advised him to take steroids, his body would get better quickly. Kartik flatly refused.

I trained him for 14 months. You will be surprised that in the last days of the film, he started doing pushups with 50 kg weight. He started running on the treadmill at a speed of 18 for two minutes. When Karthik came for training, his body fat percentage was 39. By the end of the film, it had become 7%. All these changes were seen without steroids.

Tridev Pandey (right) has been a fitness coach as well as a national level boxer.

Tridev Pandey (right) is a fitness coach and has also been a national-level boxer.

Tridev said that steroids are harmful, hence they are not sold openly in the market. Medical research says that taking steroids is not right at any cost. Tridev said, ‘I have never asked anyone to take steroids nor promoted it in my 10-year coaching career. Taking shortcuts to build a body is dangerous.

Tridev said- by ​​looking at the body, you can tell whether the person in front has taken steroids or not
Tridev says that by looking at the body of the actors, they can tell whether they have taken steroids or not. Tridev said, ‘Nowadays, whoever you see is building his body in two months. Ask me how difficult it is to build a body. It takes a month to gain one kilo of muscles, that too when you follow a good diet and do regular exercise.

Tridev even scolds the actors, does not allow them to use phones during exercise
If the actors are not exercising properly, or their attention is more on the phone than on the gym, then Tridev scolds them. Tridev says, ‘Once a star comes to me, I treat him like a normal client. If I let it get into my mind that there is a celebrity standing in front of me, then I will not be able to train him.

I have always learnt that there should be a limit between the relationship of a Guru and his disciple. Perhaps that is why I can scold and rebuke them. If I feel that the person in front of me is doing the exercise in a wrong way, is not listening to me or is using the phone in the middle of the gym, then I shout at him in front of everyone.

Body can be built without eating meat, I myself do not eat meat
Is it necessary to eat meat to build a body? Tridev said, ‘This is also a myth that a body cannot be built without meat. The protein found in meat is also found in green vegetables. I myself am a vegetarian. I have built such a body without consuming meat. Kartik Aaryan also does not eat meat. However, he eats eggs. He eats eggs out of compulsion, because he is allergic to dairy products including cheese.

While training for the film Chandu Champion, he used to eat 12 eggs a day, of which two to three were whole eggs and the rest were white. In the olden days, our ancestors used to eat a lot of green vegetables. Today we have different types of supplements and protein powders, but despite this, we cannot be as strong as them.

Proper diet plan is made, the amount of protein and carbs in the food is high
When celebs come to you for training, what’s the first thing they do? Tridev said, ‘Suppose a celebrity came to me. First of all I will check his weight. After this I will set small goals. It is not that we will immediately be able to lose all the weight in a single month.

We will ensure that we lose half a kilo in the first week, then one kilo in the next week. By doing this, we will lose 8-10 kilos in two-three months. However, in the meantime, we also have to pay attention to the client’s busy schedule.

They have to shoot, so losing too much weight at once can also cause weakness. Keeping this in mind, they also plan a proper diet, so that the amount of carbs and protein in their body is abundant.

Tridev said that gaining weight is the easiest task in the world, while losing weight is the most difficult task in the world.

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