Mallika Sherawat crossed her limits, said- ‘I have to go to the gym…’, the post went viral

New Delhi. Actress Mallika Sherawat posted a video on her social media platform on Sunday, May 26. By watching the video, people can understand her passion for fitness. The actress was seen working very hard in the video. The actress says that she likes to cross her limits during workouts.

In the video, Mallika Sherawat was seen in a purple and black colored athletic dress. In the video, she can be seen doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) rope slams. Mallika Sherawat captioned the video, ‘I love working out in the gym and love the feeling of pushing my limits.’ Now the actress’s video is not available on Instagram, but you can see her working out in other videos.

(Photo courtesy: Instagram@mallikasherawat)

Workout adopted for beauty
The actress had shared her close-up photos recently. She had said that botox and fillers are not needed to look beautiful. The actress had captioned the photos, ‘It is possible to look beautiful and attractive even without botox and fillers. There is no need to tie one’s self-esteem and confidence to botox.’

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