Jackie Shroff Personality Rights; Jackie, Bhidu and Jaggu Dada | Delhi HC’s decision on Jackie Shroff’s petition: Notice to those using photos and voice without permission; The actor had reached the court seeking personality rights.

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Delhi High Court has given its verdict on Jackie Shroff’s petition. The court has said that no person, company or social media site can use the actor’s name, picture and voice without his permission. The court says that the identity of an actor cannot be misused for commercial gain.

Apparently, Jackie Shroff had recently filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. Jackie’s argument was that some social media handles are earning money by using her identity with the help of AI. Apart from this, some names associated with him like Jackie, Bhidu and Jaggu Dada are being misused on public platforms. To stop this, Jackie Shroff had approached the court.

Court accepts Jackie Shroff’s right to demand personality rights
Delhi High Court, in its decision given on May 15, has issued notice to all those people and companies who have been using Jackie Shroff’s identity without permission. The court has accepted that as a celebrity, Jackie Shroff has the right to protect his image. If someone is earning money with the help of his name and identity, then the actor has every right to take action against him.

What was Jackie Shroff’s argument, read
Jackie Shroff said in his petition that objectionable memes have been made using his photographs and his voice has also been misused in the same way. Apart from this, obscene content is also being created using their images. The court immediately took this matter into its cognizance.

Amitabh Bachchan has already taken personality rights
Celebrities have become more aware about personality rights in India than before. Last year, Delhi High Court had banned the use of Amitabh Bachchan’s name, voice and photo without his permission. The court had given this interim order on his petition. Read the full news..

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