‘I got more fees than Shahrukh Khan’, Farah Khan revealed the secret after 30 years, said she was scared


Farah told that Shah Rukh had helped her a lot during the shooting of ‘Gareeb’. She further said, ‘The budget was very low. Shah Rukh was paid Rs 25,000 for that film, let me tell you that I was paid the most in that film. I was paid Rs 5,000 for every song and there were six songs in it. That’s why I was paid Rs 30,000. We could not even hire an assistant. So, for the entire song of ‘Aana Mere Pyar Ko’, we cast such people from Goa. Farah said that since the extras did not know how to take cues or hit the mark, Shah Rukh used to pinch them one by one so that they could get up from behind the wall in the song.

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