Had I got ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’, I would not have been able to become Sita | Had I got ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’, I would not have been able to become Sita: Deepika Chikhlia said- Advani ji was impressed after hearing her voice, included her in the party

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Actress turned producer Deepika Chikhalia is happy with the success of the serial ‘Dhartiputra Nandini’ these days. Recently, Deepika had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar on the completion of 200 episodes of the serial. During this, the actress discussed the film ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ and said that she had met Raj Kapoor for this film. But Raj Kapoor rejected her for this film. Deepika says that if she had got this film, she would not have been able to become Sita of ‘Ramayana’.

You have become a producer for the first time and your serial has completed 200 episodes. Whom would you like to give the credit for this?

I want to give the credit for this to the entire team. We have a team of 17-18 people. No one can say that it happened because of me. The people in our team work together. It is the blessing of my ancestors and the grace of Lord Ram that there are good people in our team.

Ekta Kapoor and Rashmi Sharma have been more successful as producers on TV. Now your name is also being linked. Why are only women successful as producers on TV?

This medium itself is women oriented. Women make films, it is women’s story. 80 percent of the audience watching is also women. I believe that television is a medium for women to express themselves. This is a very good time for us. We can do good work as producers and directors.

When did you feel that you wanted to become a producer?

I was not working for 20 years. When I thought of returning to acting, I started getting mother’s roles. I thought that there should be variety in life. The people I was working with suggested to me that I should produce shows. If you want to act there, you can do it.

Competition on TV has increased a lot, in such a situation how challenging is it to select a subject?

My thinking has always been that whatever the subject is, we have to do something keeping Ramji at the center of the story. In ‘Dhartiputra Nandini’ too, I have kept Ramji and Ayodhya as the basis of the story. After that, we have shown what kind of problems come in a family. How to keep a family united.

If you want to create something for OTT, what kind of content would it be? will be?

Whatever the platform, the content will be Indian. My thinking is that the story should be related to our culture and soil. Even if I do a courtroom drama, it should be a court drama of a small town, in which common people are talked about.

I was reading the story of ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ somewhere, you met Raj Kapoor for the film and he rejected you?

In those days I was doing small second-person roles. I was doing small films as a heroine. But I was not happy. I felt like leaving the industry. The father of Raj Kapoor’s daughter Reema’s best friend was my father’s friend. He told me that Raj Kapoor was looking for a new face for the film. He could talk to us. I went to meet Raj Kapoor. He asked my age, I was 17 years old then. He said you are too young. Let me tell you.

After that did any call come from his office?

After two days I came to know that I was not selected. I was very upset. I was getting such a big opportunity, but it did not happen. Mummy explained that whatever happens happens for good. Maybe something better will come out of it. I was thinking what could be better than a Raj Kapoor film?

Did you see the movie when it was released?

I had gone to watch a movie with my mother. I was shocked after watching the movie. I thought thank God the matter did not progress, otherwise how would I have refused. I realized that if I had done ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’ then I would not have been able to become Sita of ‘Ramayana’. Let me tell you a very interesting thing after Ramayana.

That what?

After ‘Ramayan’, I got a call from Advani ji that he wanted to meet me. When I went to meet Advani ji in Ahmedabad, he asked who does your dubbing? I told him that dubbing is done in films, not on TV. He said that your voice is very impressive. When you speak on stage, there will be a depth in your words. Then he told me that we want you to join the party. My father was associated with Jan Sangh.

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