Ex-husband called Rakhi Sawant’s illness a sham, revealed cancer-heart problem, told why the drama queen is in bed?

New Delhi. Rakhi Sawant was recently admitted to the hospital. When the pictures went viral on the internet, there was an uproar. Everyone was worried to know what happened to Rakhi? Her first husband Ritesh and his brother Rakesh Sawant confirmed her hospitalization. Now Rakhi’s second ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani has called Rakhi Sawant’s illness a hypocrisy. He has exposed the ‘drama queen’ cancer and heart problem.

Actress and ex-contestant of ‘Bigg Boss’ Rakhi Sawant was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai on Tuesday after complaining of severe chest pain. On Wednesday, her ex-husband Ritesh Kumar and his brother had given a health update. Meanwhile, Rakhi’s ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani has claimed that he is doing this drama because the date of surrender is approaching.

‘It’s a drama to avoid going to jail’
Talking to our associate website News18, he said that there is no medical report. The doctors did not say anything. We don’t know which hospital he is in. If it is a heart attack then I think patients usually need an oxygen mask, but Rakhi Sawant does not have that either. She further said that she is doing this only because she will have to surrender before the police soon. This is just a drama to avoid going to jail.

Cancer-heart problem exposed!
Adil has shared a video, in which he is saying that I saw a news in which it was told that Rakhi has a heart disease and her so-called husband said that the doctor is saying that there is still a possibility of cancer. When I had got all his tests done a year ago and also got him a surgery done, then his health was absolutely fit and fine. There was no such problem.

‘I pray with all my heart that you get well soon’
Adil further said that the court date is approaching. If anyone is doing a publicity stunt then… the court, the public, is every person giving it to you? Nothing can be more disgusting than this. If you are really ill then I pray with all my heart that you get well soon. I am a good person and I do not wish harm to anyone.

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