Even after 25 years of 1999 blockbuster, Aamir Khan regrets about one thing, even today he wants to improve it.

Mumbai. ‘Sarfarosh’, released in 1999, is still considered by the audience as one of Aamir Khan’s best films. Recently the film completed 25 years and on this occasion a special screening of this action thriller film was organized in Mumbai. During this, Aamir Khan was present with other actors of the film – Sonali Bendre and Naseeruddin Shah. During the event, Aamir was discussing how his role of a police officer was different from the regular police roles shown in films. He also told that he still regrets playing this character.

During the conversation, Aamir said, “Actually, this may be true for mainstream cinema. Like the film ‘Ardhsatya’ made by Govind Nihalani ji. That was a great police film. But in mainstream cinema we generally do not get to see a film like Sarfarosh.” Aamir further said that the character he played was quite different from the characters seen in the industry.

Aamir Khan said, “This is one of the strengths of the film. Whenever I meet a police constable he always says how much he likes this film. It feels so real. John Matthew Mathen is amazing as a script and director. “They kept it as real as possible and that still keeps it thrilling.”

Aamir Khan expressed regret

After this Aamir said that he still regrets about this character. He said, “During the shooting of the film, I was very worried about one thing. At that time some of my films were running continuously. So I couldn’t cut my hair as short as I wanted. So that thing used to disturb me so much.”

Aamir Khan asks himself these questions

Aamir Khan further said, “Even today when I watch my film, I think, ‘Man, can’t you do this scene again?’ Luckily I had to be in plain clothes, so yes we tried to do it.” Let us tell you, ‘Aamir Khan played the lead role in Sarfarosh, while Sonali Bendre was opposite him. Whereas, Naseeruddin Shah became the villain. Sarfarosh received the National Award for Best Film.

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