Emotional Bombshell: Father of Three Tells Wife, “There is Someone Else in My Life”

New Delhi. Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan has also married twice in his life. He married Helen for the second time in 1981 when he was already married and the father of three children. He was married to Salma Khan (Sushila Charak) many years ago in 1964. In such a situation, he is often asked whether he had told his children and his first wife about his second marriage or not. Now Salim has given his reaction on this.

In an interview given to Zoom, Saline Khan said a lot about her personal and professional life. He openly admitted that even though his wife did not approve of his second marriage, she was unhappy with this marriage. He took this decision only after consulting his wife even though he was happy in his first marriage.

The decision was not taken suddenly
According to the report, Saleen says that he did not decide to marry Helen because he was upset with his first marriage or because he wanted to end his first marriage. Apart from this, he also revealed that he did not decide to marry Helen suddenly. It took a long time for him to reach the point of marriage.

Found a way to avoid gossip
Salim further said that he was the first to tell his first wife Salma that Helen was in his life. Whom he loves very much. He said that he told this to his wife because he did not want her to know about his relationship with Helen through any gossip magazine or anyone else.

Wife got upset
Salim Khan further said, ‘When I told Salma about this, obviously she was not happy because this was not a good thing that I was going to do. This caused a lot of problems in our life but very soon everything got fine. After a few days everyone accepted my second marriage. According to Salim, he also told his children about this but they were young then. They did not understand much but later when they grew up they understood everything.

There is someone else in my life after hearing this from Salman Khan father salim khan her wife was shocked and stopped conversation her husband

Told the truth even to children
Salim told that he had said that there is someone else in my life. I have married him. I don’t expect anything from you. I don’t expect you to love her as much as you love your mother, but I just want you to respect her.

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