Due to the influence of Islam, he changed his religion, then his mother sold her jewelery and bought his first recorder, became the most expensive music composer.

New Delhi. Behind the glittering world of cinema, one can see the hard work and years of struggle of the stars and the entire crew. You must have heard the stories of the initial struggles of not just one or two but many stars. Some reached Mumbai with just Rs 500 from home, while others went to people’s homes and fixed fans and ACs. Some got the taste of success early while others kept rubbing their shoes for years. A unique diamond who showed his magic from Bollywood to South and Hollywood, who told people that if you are firm on expectations, success will definitely kiss your feet.

India’s most expensive music composer, who revolutionized the Indian music composition field the day she entered the world of Indian films. Due to the influence of Islam, this famous artist changed his religion and worked in a friend’s band at the age of 11. He was able to buy his first recorder when his mother sold her jewellery. Once in need of every penny, the famous music composer is today the owner of Rs 2000 crores.

AR Rahman lost in old memories
It’s none other than music maestro AR Rahman, who has received praise for his work in Imtiaz Ali’s latest film ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’. Recently he revealed about the time when he did not have money to buy the necessary equipment that would help him make music. Rehman went down memory lane while chatting with Imtiaz Ali, Mohit Chauhan and Irshad Kamil for Netflix. He talked about many issues including never going to college, being exposed to music in his childhood, opening his own studio.

AR Rahman does not need any special identity in the world today.

‘In 12 years I had a lot of questions…’
Recalling the time when he discovered music as a child. Rahman shared, ‘I had a lot of questions. I didn’t go to college so I felt like I was missing something. When I was 12 years old, I used to meet people in their 40s and 50s. My boredom led me to listen to many other things, to know what was on the other side. That was fantastic. There was a lot there.

‘Built the studio, but was just sitting with a shelf and carpet’
AR Rahman also recalled the time when he started his studio and did not have money to buy equipment. He told that his mother had sold her jewelery to buy his first recorder. He said that when I built my studio, I did not have money to buy an amplifier or equalizer. There was just an AC with a shelf and carpet. I used to sit there and I did not have money to buy anything. I made it and was sitting inside without any equipment. My first recorder came when my mother gave her jewelery for pawning. That’s when I felt empowered. I could see my future and in that moment I was changed.

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The story behind the music composer becoming a Muslim is very interesting.

Working since the age of 11
When AR Rahman was 9 years old, his father died. After his father’s death, the financial condition of the house became very bad, so his mother used to run the house by lending his father’s musical instruments. At the age of just 11, AR Rahman used to play synthesizer for ‘Rahman Band Roots’ with his childhood friend Shivmani. He also had an important contribution in the establishment of Chennai’s band ‘Nemesis Avenue’. He could also play piano, harmonium and guitar.

Due to influence of Islam religion changed
AR Rahman’s mother had great faith in Sufi saint Pir Karimullah Shah Qadri. However, his mother believed in Hinduism. AR Rahman had told in an old interview that when his sister’s health became very bad at the age of 23, she went to an Islamic religious place with the entire family. After this his sister became healthy. This had such an impact on the music composer that he changed his religion and accepted Islam.

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