‘Dowry is there in big cities too, only the name has changed’ Pratik Gandhi strongly condemned the dowry system, said- ‘We have changed it…’

New Delhi. Actor Pratik Gandhi is doing back-to-back films these days and the actor is also winning the hearts of the audience with his films. These days Pratik Gandhi is garnering praise for his work in the streaming film ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’. This film is based on prevalent social evils like dowry and land grabbing. Recently the actor talked about working in this movie based on social issues. During this, he also expressed his opinion on social evils like dowry.

In ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’, Prateek plays the role of a man who has to sell his ancestral land to pay for dowry in his sister’s wedding. The actor told IANS, “There are some issues like dowry, about which no one is ready to talk openly. People might think that dowry is an issue only in rural areas or small towns, but it is not so. Only its name has changed. We can still see it in big cities.”

Pratik also talked about the continuation of female foeticide in some parts of the country and stressed the need for strict punishment. He says, ‘We did a play on the problem of female foeticide about 7-8 years ago. This play was about the soul of a girl who comes on stage and expresses her wish to be born in India, but no one gives her a chance to be born. The play was on a very sensitive topic. All these issues harm our society and need to be dealt with strictly by the law.’

The film is available on OTT
He said, ‘People who are victims of such bad practices or become a part of them, have somewhere accepted it as a normal thing thinking that ‘this is how it happens’. We have to first deal with this problem and make people aware that this is not a normal practice. Just because they have been prevalent for centuries, they cannot be considered morally right. ‘ ‘Dedh Bigha Zameen’ is available on Jio Cinema Premium.

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