Does the husband do donkey labour? Wife did PHD in 50 years, Bollywood superstar…

Mumbai. Superstar Akshay Kumar is ruling Bollywood on the basis of his hard work. Akshay Kumar, who has given life to all types of characters from action to comedy, drama and romance, has worked in more than 150 films. Akshay Kumar makes 4-5 films every year and keeps making a lot of noise at the box office. Akshay Kumar has recently given an interview. In which Akshay has revealed many interesting secrets of his family. Akshay Kumar told in the interview that when he goes to London, his routine is very interesting. Akshay said, ‘I wake up in the morning and drop my daughter to school, after which I also drop my son to school. After this, I leave my wife for university also to study. Then after returning home, I keep watching cricket the whole day.

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