Because of what did Rakhi Sawant’s health deteriorate? Brother Rakesh revealed, said- people have been cheated, they are asking for money

New Delhi. Rakhi Sawant is admitted in the hospital these days. According to reports, she is suffering from a serious heart disease. This news has shocked the fans and everyone is praying for his safety. Amidst all this, Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant has given her health update. Along with this, she has made serious allegations against Rakhi’s ex-husband Adil Durani. He has claimed that his sister’s health has deteriorated because of Adil.

Speaking to Times Now/Tely Talk, Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant told how people betrayed his sister and turned against her. Along with this, he has made serious allegations against Adil Khan Durrani and Rajshree More.

Asked for money after mother’s death
In the conversation, Rakesh Sawant revealed and told how people have been demanding money from Rakhi since his mother’s death. Rakesh further said that people are conspiring against his sister. Whereas Adil snatched all the money from my sister. By befriending all the people around Rakhi, he has turned them against Rakhi. Now she is running around.

expressed trust in God
Apart from this, Rakesh accused Adil of bribing the police and media to show evidence against Rakhi. Not only this, Rakesh claimed that the police has not yet provided the charge sheet. Therefore bail cannot be granted. Expressing trust and hope in God, he said, God above is watching. Rakhi’s fans are with her.

Rakesh will be devastated if anything happens to Rakhi.
Apart from accusing Rakesh Adil Khan Durrani, he has also taken a dig at those supporting Adil. However, he has appealed to Rakhi’s fans to pray for the speedy recovery of his sister. Explaining further, Rakesh said, after mother’s death our house fell apart. If anything happens to Rakhi, her life will definitely be ruined and Rakhi’s fans in the country will not leave her. Today Rakhi needs the support of media, fans and policemen.

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