‘Beautiful on the outside and plastic heart…’ When pain erupted after many years of breakup

Mumbai. The personal lives of Bollywood stars make more headlines than their films. Stories of love, expressions and disputes remain alive for years. Times change and so do emotions, but fans do not forget these stories. Even today, there are many such Bollywood affairs which people remember. Similarly, a Bollywood star who fell in love also lost his glittering career. The tussle between love and conflict proved so difficult for this star that he continued to bear the brunt of it throughout his life. We are talking about ‘Vivek Oberoi’. There was one such affair of Vivek Oberoi whose stories people have not forgotten even after 20 years. Vivek Oberoi, once crazy about world beauty Aishwarya Rai, had made up his mind to mess with her. But their love did not support them and the whole world fell apart.

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