After Payal Kapadia’s victory, FTII’s statement was criticized, Ali Fazal said- ‘Don’t do this…’

New Delhi: Payal Kapadia’s film ‘All We Imagine As Light’ has created history by winning the ‘Le Grand Prix’ award at the Cannes Film Festival, due to which the filmmaker is being praised across the country. Apart from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, many Bollywood stars congratulated her for this special achievement, but when the ‘Film and Television Institute of India’ (FTII) tweeted congratulating her, many netizens including Ali Fazal started criticizing the institute.

Actually, FTII had filed a case against Payal Kapadia and some other students because they had opposed the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the chairman of the institute and questioned his eligibility for the post. Then many students including Payal were absent from the class for about 4 months, due to which the institute took disciplinary action against them. They had also cut Payal’s grant.

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FTII is being heavily criticized
FTII congratulated Payal Kapadia on her win in a tweet and wrote, ‘It is a proud moment for FTII as their alumni have created history at Cannes.’ Many netizens along with film stars are criticizing FTII’s congratulatory message. Ali Fazal shared the post and wrote, ‘Uff, don’t do this.’ One user wrote, ‘Irony.’ A third user wrote, ‘Have some shame.’ The fourth user taunted, ‘Are you proud of cutting their grants? Shame on you.’

Case going on against Payal Kapadia
According to a report by News18 English, the case filed by FTII against Payal Kapadia is still going on. She has to go to court next month for the hearing. At the closing ceremony of the film festival, when it was announced that the film ‘All We Imagine As Light’ has won the ‘Grand Prix Award’, Payal was with the film’s cast Chhaya Kadam, Divya Prabha and Kani Kusruti. Payal Kapadia is the director and writer of ‘All We Imagine As Light’.

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