After becoming a father, this star got busy in his 100th film, pictures of his romance with the heroine went viral – News18 Hindi

New Delhi: Some glimpses have emerged from the set of Bhojpuri cinema industry’s unique superstar Yash Kumar’s 100th film ‘Dildaar Saawariya 2’, in which Yash Kumar and Sapna Chauhan are seen romancing each other. These viral photos have created attraction among people towards the film. The shooting of the film has recently been completed and the grand production of ‘Dildaar Saawariya 2’ has been done under the banner of Tanvi Multimedia. The producer of the film is Deepak Shah who filmed it on a big scale. He said, Sapna Chauhan’s chemistry with Yash Kumar in this film is going to be great because she has done an excellent job in this film. Regarding this, Yash Kumar said that Sapna Chauhan is a very talented actress. People will like our chemistry in this film. This entire film will entertain the audience a lot. We have just completed the shooting of the film, its post production work will start soon.

Yash Kumar told that the film ‘Dildaar Saawariya 2’ is a pure romantic film and it will be one of the most beautiful films of Bhojpuri cinema. He said that this is the century of my films, hence it is special for me and I am thankful to the producer of this film, who has given his entire life to make this film special. After this, we all together have tried our best to do ultimate work in the film but the final decision has to be taken by Bhojpuri cinema lovers as to how they liked the film. Now after the post production, the trailer of the film and then the release date of the film will be announced soon but after the completion of the film, we all are breathing a sigh of relief. Because we have made the film with great dedication and hard work. Therefore, I would request that whenever the film is released, all of you should definitely go and watch this film with your family members.

FIRST PUBLISHED: May 12, 2024, 16:51 IST

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