Actress who did 250 films caught in rave party? What is the whole truth, she said- ‘I am in a farmhouse in Hyderabad…’

Mumbai. Karnataka Police busted a rave party going on in a farmhouse in Outer Bengaluru on Sunday night. Police is investigating the matter to find out who organized the rave party and who are the people involved in it? It was revealed that comedian and actress Hema was also involved in this rave party. Hema has worked in more than 250 films in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada industries. As soon as the news of Hema being at a rave party started going viral on social media, the actress reacted to it.

Hema says that she was not involved in this rave party. He said, “I am in Hyderabad. Chilling in my farmhouse. I have no connection with Bengaluru Rave Party. I am being dragged unnecessarily. “False news is being spread about me.” He said that there is no truth in the news coming in Kannada media and social media.

Let us tell you, in many news reports, Hema’s name was also mentioned in the list of those attending the Bengaluru rave party. According to reports, many models, DJs and actors from Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad participated in the rave party. In view of these news, actress Hema has made a strong attack.

Let us tell you, 57 year old Hema’s film career has spanned 3 decades. She is known for comedy and supporting roles.

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