Actor seen promoting betting, advised to join fixer’s group, Anup Soni criticized viral video

Mumbai. After Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif, Rashmika Mandanna, now the deepfake video of TV host and actor Anoop Soni is going viral. In this viral video, he is seen promoting betting and appealing to join a Telegram group. Anoop Soni has reacted to one of his deepfake videos going viral on the internet. He said that the clip of his popular show ‘Crime Patrol’ is being shown in a wrong way. He has called the viral video fake.

The video also features the AI-clone voice of Anoop Soni, in which he is seen appealing to people to join a Telegram group, which basically promotes betting. In the video, Anoop’s AI-generated voice can be heard saying, “I am going to tell you about a guy whose name makes bookies tremble because he has given 39 back-to-back match passes.”

Anup Soni further says in the deepfake video, “Rohit Khattar is the biggest fixer of cricket, who has also gone to jail after fixing big matches. In IPL 2024, it has made a record of a different level. One day before the start of the match, it will be announced which team will win the match. Join its Telegram channel by clicking on the link.

Actor Anup Soni condemned the video and said, “This is completely fake. We all have to be alert to how and to what extent things can be manipulated. The voice completely sounds like I am saying it. Even the video clip is from ‘Crime Patrol’. Please remain alert.”

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