Actor Kartik Aryan’s maternal uncle and aunt died in Mumbai storm, dead body found after 56 hours Mumbai hoarding incident: Jabalpur couple stopped to get petrol and storm struck; Film star Karthik Aryan’s maternal uncle and aunt were

Jabalpur. Ghatkopar hoarding incident took place in Mumbai on 13 May. In this, the maternal uncle and aunt of Bollywood star Kartik Aryan also died. The bodies of both were taken out about 56 hours after the accident. Former Indore Airport director Manoj Chansoria and his wife Anita Chansoria lived in Mariam Chowk, Civil Lines, Jabalpur.

According to family members, the deceased couple had gone to Mumbai in their car. He was returning back to Jabalpur on Monday. During this time, he had stopped at a petrol pump in Mumbai to fill petrol. Suddenly a storm came. If he had not stopped to get petrol, his life might have been saved. According to the information, the deceased Manoj Chansoria and his wife Anita Chansoria were to go to America on Sunday to visit their son Yash, who had gone to Mumbai to get his visa, but when Yash could not talk to his parents. Then he came to know from his family that his parents were also trapped in the Mumbai hoarding incident.

Manoj’s brother-in-law Dr. Parmal Swami leaves from Jabalpur
After the incident, Yash from America and deceased Manoj’s brother-in-law Dr. Parmal Swami, Madhu Swami and Vinay Nema from Jabalpur also reached Mumbai. According to the information, the police found two bodies under the debris at the incident site on Wednesday. The body could not be identified as it remained buried under the debris for three days. In the end the son identified his parents by the ring and jewellery. After which the last rites of the deceased couple were performed in Mumbai on Thursday.

Karthik Aryan has visited the city with his maternal uncle and aunt.
Let us tell you that Karthik Aryan keeps visiting his maternal uncle and aunt’s house. Have also visited the city with him many times. Deceased Manoj’s father KP Chansoria had also been a doctor in Jabalpur Medical College.

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