20 thousand salary and 70 thousand fees, ‘Secretary ji’s earnings for ‘Panchayat-3’ will surprise you, he earned so many lakh rupees this season

Mumbai. The third season of Prime Video’s superhit series ‘Panchayat’ has been released. Fans were eagerly waiting for it. Now people have given a lot of love to ‘Panchayat-3’ as well. People are again praising the series. Phulera Gram Panchayat has once again started roaming in people’s minds.

The acting of actor Jitendra Kumar, who played the role of ‘secretary ji’ in Panchayat, has once again added to the glory of the series. The actors have charged a hefty fee for this season. According to media reports, the lead actor of the series Jitendra Kumar has charged Rs 70 thousand for each episode. According to this, Jitendra Kumar has earned 5 lakh 60 thousand rupees in this series of 8 episodes.

The actors have charged fees for each episode

Other actors working in the series have also charged their fees for each episode. After Jitendra Kumar, the show’s actress ‘Neena Gupta’ has been paid the most money. Neena Gupta has been paid 50 thousand rupees for each episode. According to this, Neena Gupta’s earnings have also crossed 4 lakh rupees. After Neena Gupta, actor ‘Raghuveer Yadav’ who played the character of ‘Pradhan Ji’ in the series has charged 40 thousand rupees per episode. According to this, Raghuveer Yadav has also earned 3 lakh 20 thousand rupees.

Chandan Roy played the role of an office assistant

Chandan Roy has played the role of office assistant Vikas in the series. Chandan has taken 20 thousand rupees for each episode. According to this, Chandan has earned 1 lakh 60 thousand rupees. The series has been released on Prime Video yesterday. People have also liked the third season very much. The first two parts of this series made by TVF were also superhits. People loved both parts of the series. Now the third season of this series has also been released. People are also praising Panchayat-3 a lot. This series can be seen on Prime Video.

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