Lip reader decodes Prince Harry’s ‘controversial’ chat with Princess Diana’s brother

Lip reader decodes Prince Harry’s ‘controversial’ chat with Princess Diana’s brother 

Prince Harry squeezed in a short conversation with his uncle Charles Spencer while greeting him at the Invictus Games event earlier this week.

The Duke of Sussex and Princess Diana’s brother had a sweet reunion at St Paul’s Cathedral where the former attended a service to mark 10th anniversary of the sporting event.

A lip reader has broken down the interaction between the duo, who chatted up for a brief moment before Harry delivered his speech.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jeremy Freeman claimed the Spare author kicked off the conversation by asking: “What’s the craic uncle?”

Charles’ response couldn’t be made out due to his back facing the camera, but then Harry made another comment, saying: “That would, wouldn’t it?”

Another response from the Earl prompts Harry to add: “100%, it’s controversial,” according to the expert.

The prince went on to make a series of cryptic remarks, including, “It’s not going to stop now… We’re together, course/cause it’s a struggle. And to think how bad Andrew’s was…”

The exact context of the conversation is unclear.

For the unversed, the Invictus Games mogul visited his homeland for a whistlestop tour to celebrate a decade of the sports for the injured veterans earlier this week.

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