King Charles to Have ‘Corrective Procedure’ for Enlarged Prostate Next Week

King Charles III will undergo treatment for an enlarged prostate next week, according to Buckingham Palace, which described his operation as a “corrective procedure” for a benign condition. The announcement came shortly after news that Catherine, the Princess of Wales and the wife of Prince William, had abdominal surgery in London on Tuesday

While the princess was expected to remain hospitalized for up to two weeks, the king’s recovery is expected to be swift.

Buckingham Palace announced the king would postpone his engagements for a “short period of recuperation.” It did not specify the hospital where Charles, 75, would be treated. A palace official said the king decided to disclose his medical procedure because he hoped it would encourage men who may be experiencing similar symptoms to get checked.

Benign prostate enlargement is common in men over the age of 50, according to Britain’s National Health Service. It is not cancerous and it does not usually pose a serious health threat.

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