Groups Carrying Khalistani Flags Disrupt Canada Diwali Festivities, Throw Stones: Report

Groups Carrying Khalistani Flags Disrupt Diwali Festivities In Canada, Throw Stones: Report

The incident raised concerns of a targeted attack fueled by religious hatred (Representational)

Ontario, Canada:

Groups allegedly carrying Khalistani flags gate-crashed the Diwali festivities in Canada’s Brampton and started hurling stones at the people celebrating the festival, Khalsa Vox reported.

The incident has come to light at a time when New Delhi has sent out a terse message to Canada, asking it to crack down on extremist elements back home and curb attacks on places of worship.

The incident raised concerns of a targeted attack fueled by religious hatred and not merely an internal community attack, as was initially suggested by the police, the report stated, adding that the incident stoked anger among the affected community.

Khalsa Vox quoted an observer as saying, “It is very unfortunate to hear about the attack on Diwali celebrations in Brampton, Canada. It is also concerning that the Canadian media is downplaying the incident by calling it a ‘fight between Sikhs and Hindus.’ This attack was motivated by Khalistani extremists to incite religious hatred.”

According to Khalsa Vox, the alleged display of Khalistani flags during the attack adds to the severity of the situation.

It has also raised questions on the extent to which Canada is unintentionally or knowingly providing a platform for extremist elements sympathetic to the Khalistan cause, the report noted.

Further, according to the report, the Canadian natives are rising with frustration as they are fed up with the presence of Khalistani elements in their country.

Canada, renowned for its commitment to inclusivity, freedom of speech, and peace, however, is currently facing a challenge as some individuals associated with the Khalistani movement are accused of inciting violence, spreading hatred, and contributing to a rise in crimes, Khalsa Vox reported.

According to the report, the incident has stressed the need for Ottawa to critically assess its stance on Khalistan and the potential impact it may have on social harmony within its borders.

The chaos during the Diwali celebration in Canada brings attention to the delicate balance Canada must navigate between supporting the rights of its citizens to express their views and ensuring that such expressions do not morph into violent acts against other communities, Khalsa Vox noted further in its report.

While maintaining the right to free expression, it is equally important for Canada to scrutinise the activities of groups that may exploit these freedoms to spread hatred and engage in violent actions, the report noted.

The incident serves as a timely reminder to the Canadian authorities to reevaluate their policies and take decisive action to prevent the escalation of religiously motivated violence within their borders, the report stated further.

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