Amazon Employee Fired After He Complained About Lifting Heavy Boxes On TikTok

Amazon Employee Fired After He Complained About Lifting Heavy Boxes On TikTok

Amazon has not commented on the matter.

Amid several tech layoffs, a seven-year Amazon employee said that he was fired from the company after he complained about having to pick up heavy boxes and orders in several videos posted on TikTok, according to a report in the New York Post. 

Kendall, the former employee, who goes by the username, @thatamazonguyy, shared behind-the-scenes videos about working at the tech giant. In one of the videos, he revealed that the company fired him because of his complaints. He has over 35,000 followers on the video-sharing platform.

In the video, he said, “Hi guys, I have some bad news. Uh, Amazon done fired my dumb***. Seven long years down the drain just like that,” he said. 

Kendall added, “Long story short, I made a video about four weeks ago where I told people to stop buying heavy items from Amazon because, as an Amazon worker, I’m tired of lifting heavy items.” He continued by explaining that while most people thought the clip was funny, however, certain people did not relate to it. “Most people took it as a joke, especially if you work at Amazon, you knew that I was kind of overexaggerating … but a lot of people were offended by my video,” he said.

“If you were offended by that video, I am sorry. I never meant to offend anyone or discriminate against anyone. I just wanted to make a funny video. I’m not just saying that. I already lost my job and am ineligible for rehire, so please forgive me,” he concluded.

The video in question was posted on December 6 where he said that he worked an extra shift and was given the job of a picker at Amazon warehouse. “Tell me why every other item I picked was either Fiji water or f****** dog food? I don’t know who needs to hear this, but stop buying water at Amazon,” he said.

“Are you telling me you’re out of water, you go on Amazon, and you wait two to three business days to get your f****** water, bro? What are you drinking in the meantime? Take your lazy a- to the store and buy water there like normal people do. The next time I’m picking and I see some water, I’m going to replace your Fiji water with Aquafina,” Kendall added in the video.

He even made jokes about what he would do to exact revenge on careless consumers, calling for compassion for workers like “the 50-year-old lady who has to grab the dog food from the top shelf.”

Amazon has not commented on the matter.

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