5 Points On Former US First Lady

Rosalynn Carter Dies: 5 Points On Former US First Lady

Ms Carter was diagnosed with dementia in May this year.

  1. Eleanor Rosalynn Smith was born in Georgia, United States on August 18, 1927. She enrolled in Georgia Southwestern College after completing her high school education. After her first year, in 1945, she went on a date with Jimmy Carter, a family acquaintance from childhood who was returning from the United States Naval Academy, as per NBC News
  2. They got married on July 7, 1946, and moved to Virginia. The couple was blessed with four children- John William, James Earl III, Donnel Jeffrey and Amy Lynn.
  3. During Jimmy Carter’s tenure as the President, Rosalynn Carter made a name for herself by actively participating in her husband’s administration. She participated in Cabinet meetings, went to important briefings, spoke at formal events on behalf of the White House, was an honorary member of a mental health commission, and accompanied the president on personal envoy trips to countries in Latin America.
  4. She also wrote several books, including the 1984 memoir “First Lady From Plains” and three books about mental health. They established the Carter Centre in 1982 as a nonprofit dedicated to human rights, working in association with Atlanta’s Emory University. She started the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving at Georgia Southwestern State University seven years later.
  5. Ms Carter was diagnosed with dementia in May this year and joined Jimmy Carter in at-home hospice care on Friday, as per AFP. The former president in a statement stated that she “was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished,” Jimmy Carter said in the statement. “She gave me wise guidance and encouragement when I needed it. As long as Rosalynn was in the world, I always knew somebody loved and supported me,” he added.

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