IND vs ENG, England in India 2023/24, 1st Test at Hyderabad, January 25 – 28, 2024

11.4 to YBK Jaiswal, Jaiswal uses his feet and offers up a catch to short leg. Hartley spotted the advancing batter, held it back, and shortened his length. Spooned to Pope under the helmet straight off the bat. 42/1

11.6 to Shubman Gill, What a double-strike from Hartley! Pope can do no wrong. He takes it at silly-point. Tossed up on off stump, nice and full, Gill prods at it and it’s grabbed by Pope who finishes on his knees at silly-point. Gill is gone for a duck. 42/2

17.5 to RG Sharma, beats the inside edge, hit on the knee roll – and up goes the finger! Has Hartley hooked the big fish? Rohit reviews but this looked very adjacent. Rohit has played for more turn than materialised, no bat on it, hitting the top of middle and leg! Gaffaney raises his finger again and India’s captain trudges off. Hartley has his third, and this Test is cooking with gas. 63/3

29.4 to AR Patel, Spooned back to Hartley. Such a soft dismissal. Soft as wax. Hartley dangles it up just outside off, on a length, Axar drives half-heartedly without getting to the pitch and ends up offering a return catch. This is turning out to be some debut for Hartley. He’s taken out the left-hander who was promoted to counter him. 95/4

61.6 to KS Bharat, bowled him with an absolute peach! Hartley has five! Bharat is left on his haunches… then he looks to the sky as he drags himself from the field. Perfectly bowled, pitching on middle and spinning past the outstretched forward defensive to rattle off stump. Hitman Hartley slams India back on to the canvas with a maiden Test five-for on debut. 176/8

63.2 to R Ashwin, stumped by a mile, England one away! Ashwin charges down, seemingly convinced that the jig is almost up! It’s slow and tantalising from Hartley, spinning away from his hitting arc, and Foakes has all the time in the world to do the needful. Hartley has his sixth and a famous win is within touching distance. 177/9

69.2 to Mohammed Siraj, Siraj runs up the white flag, England have done it! Hartley has seven-for, England go one up. Or should that be India 0-1 Bazball? Foakes finally gets the stumping he had been looking for, and no doubt about this with Siraj way down the pitch. 202/10

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