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Oscar Piastri put in an impressive performance in the sprint. With a brave overtaking maneuver, he overtook teammate Lando Norris and secured second place. He was less lucky in the afternoon. Coming out of turn six, Piastri drove with all four wheels just over the white line. Result: The lap was canceled. McLaren lodged a protest.

Piastri frustrated, McLaren protests: Track limit costs third place

The mistake may even cost Piastri a chance of winning. At least the McLarens were able to attack Max Verstappen in the first few laps of the sprint. But: “His lap in Q2 was a reality check. And he repeated that in Q3,” said Piastri.

Piastri’s own lap, however, did not count. The Australian went slightly off the track. McLaren wants to investigate this again and lodges a protest in order to save third place. “For me, it was the best turn six that I drove all weekend, it hurts that the lap has been cancelled,” said Piastri.

“From where I was sitting, I thought I was still on the track. Another centimeter to the right and I would have landed in the gravel,” says Piastri. The newly installed gravel beds are intended to prevent the kerbs from being exploited, but the track limits have not been abolished. Piastri therefore loses his third starting position, at least for the time being, and thus his chance of winning.

Piastri on Sunday against Ferrari and Mercedes instead of Verstappen

However, it is quite possible that Verstappen could be out of reach in the race. Due to the changes to the setup, the Red Bull driver seemed untouchable in qualifying. With a start from seventh place, Piastri will initially have the Ferrari and Mercedes drivers ahead of him anyway.

“It seems like it’s very close between us, Ferrari and Mercedes. Our pace in the sprint was good and tomorrow there are more strategy options. I think we can fight our way a little further forward tomorrow,” predicts Piastri, assuming that seventh place on the grid remains.

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