Nico Hülkenberg with brazen insult to the majesty

What a weekend for Formula 1! Sensational race, sensational result, sensational winner. A veteran with countless F1 starts shows his class on the Silverstone drivers’ track in mixed conditions. And wins the drivers’ ranking for the first time this year. Motorsport-Magazin.comOf course we are talking about Nico Hülkenberg. Right?

Yes, that’s right. After the race, Lewis Hamilton was able to celebrate his 104th GP victory after a 945-day drought in front of his British home crowd. But Hülkenberg brazenly stole the victory in the MSM ranking from him. In both ratings! He received a very good rating from all three MSM editors. And in the reader rating he beat Hamilton by 0.03.

Hamilton still has to wait for his next ranking victory. His drought is longer than that of Hülkenberg, who last won in Australia in 2023. For Hamilton, Hungary 2022 is still his last victory according to the marks. At Silverstone, he shone in the rain-soaked race, but in the final ranking reckoning, a qualifying session in which he simply couldn’t get closer than 0.17 seconds to George Russell was probably his undoing.

Sensation in 3rd place: Verstappen & McLaren fail to make it to the ranking podium

However, Hülkenberg was not the only driver to receive three A’s from the editorial team. In third place overall is none other than Alex Albon in! Q3, then despite damage at the start he carried the Williams to the finish in the points, a really top performance. In the readers’ rankings, however, he flew under the radar, only coming seventh.

This resulted in an overall average of 1.70 and prevented any chance of chasing Hülkenberg (1.20) or Hamilton (1.38). However, it was enough to deny Max Verstappen a place on the podium. The Red Bull driver only just managed to save himself from Carlos Sainz in fourth place thanks to two twos from the editorial team.

There is no McLaren in the top 5. Thanks to a better reader rating (2.02 to 2.23), Piastri beats Lando Norris, who was once again plagued by strategy mistakes. And not without reason. As our race analysis shows, Piastri was also the calmer driver on the radio during the strategy calls. Norris must once again take responsibility for a missed chance to win.

Sergio Perez decidedly unpopular with MSM readers

At 11th place, the ranking reflects reality: Even with us Logan Sargeant failed to score his first points of the year. But he can boast of having beaten Fernando Alonso in the rankings. Both in the editorial and reader ratings.

Sergio Perez finds himself at the very back. After his gravel trap ride in qualifying, he was penalized for the second time this season with an average grade of over 5. Only one editor lowered himself to a 4 in Silverstone. Readers showed no mercy with a 5.39. Since Imola, Perez has not managed to get under 4. It seems like a bottomless pit. His average grade in the last six races? 4.88 …

Silverstone replaces Silverstone: Best race of the ground effect era

The race in Silverstone is something to celebrate. Formula 1 is currently on a high, action-packed run, and with three Very Good ratings from the editors and two-thirds Very Good from readers, this race is setting new standards in the ground effect era. It replaces Silverstone 2022 as the best race under these regulations. It shows once again: In the end, nothing beats the classics.

  • Readers’ rating race: 1.42
  • MSM-Note Race: 1
  • Overall race score: 1.21

Silverstone Driver Ranking: The MSM Grades

Run driver Menath Niedermaier Stonecracker
1 Hamilton 1 2 1
2 Verstappen 1 2 2
3 Norris 2 2 2
4 Piastri 2 2 2
5 Sainz 2 1 1
6 Hulkenberg 1 1 1
7 Stroll 2 2 2
8th Alonso 3 3 3
9 Albon 1 1 1
10 Tsunoda 2 2 2
11 Sargeant 2 3 3
12 Magnussen 4 3 4
13 Ricciardo 3 3 4
14 Leclerc 4 4 4
15 Bottas 3 4 4
16 Ocon 4 3 3
17 Perez 5 4 5
18 Zhou 4 4 4
19 Russell 2 2 2
Run 1 1 1

F1 driver ranking Silverstone: Hard cases of the editorial team

Christian Menath
Positive hardship case: Nico Hulkenberg
Negative hardship case: Sergio Perez
Wow, what a race! That was a Grand Prix for the history books, we will remember it for a long time – and that without a safety car or red phase. The driver level was so high in difficult conditions that there wasn’t even a yellow phase. I don’t think the decision to use Nico Hülkenberg as a positive hardship needs to be explained. He got the absolute maximum out of the Haas in every session and was completely error-free. Sergio Perez must finally turn things around. In qualifying he flew off on his out lap (!). Yes, this Red Bull is no longer so superior that you can plow through the field from behind with it, but it could have been a little better than 17th place – even with an unfortunate tire roulette.

Florian Niedermair:
Positive hardship case: Lewis Hamilton
Negative hardship case: Daniel Ricciardo
I will be so bold as to say: Anyone who didn’t get goosebumps when Lewis Hamilton won either has no heart or is a die-hard Hamilton hater. The most successful Formula 1 driver couldn’t have celebrated his comeback victory after almost 1,000 days of waiting in a more fitting way: In his own living room in
Silverstone at his last British GP in a Mercedes and then in such a spectacular rain battle in which he demonstrated the full range of his tire-saving skills. Hollywood doesn’t do it any better (prove me wrong, Brad Pitt and co!). Why is it still only a 2? Because he was beaten by George Russell in qualifying. Yes, I am a strict teacher when it comes to giving grades. I have to be strict with Daniel Ricciardo too. His weekend wasn’t a disaster, but he still let Yuki Tsunoda get the better of him again.

Hamilton’s tearful victory: Has the knot been broken? (10:00 min.)

Markus Steinrisser
Positive hardship case: Alex Albon
Negative hardship case: Valtteri Bottas
I have to get into the topic of Hamilton first. Actually, a pretty clear defeat in qualifying against George Russell. But the race was good, too good. The way he drove in the rain, the way he brought the soft tires to the finish at the end, that was a whole different level. You can’t blame Alex Albon for that. Don’t forget: he even damaged his front wing at the start. Finishing this race less than 5 seconds behind Fernando Alonso was really strong. But the Williams is no garbage truck either. If you’re looking for a really bad car, you’ll only find it at Sauber. Valtteri Bottas shouldn’t be too happy in the press release about having gained a place relative to his starting position. If he immediately drops back to last place at the start, immediately loses contact with the field and, despite a perfect strategy, can’t even keep Charles Leclerc behind him after the latter lost over a lap due to wrong strategy decisions.

The top 5 in the 2024 MSM season ranking after Silverstone

Nico Hülkenberg’s victory brings turbulence in the leading group of the MSM rankings. With 2.26, he already has the third-best season average behind Verstappen and Norris. In terms of points, he is also preparing to be among the front runners. Charles Leclerc is within reach. He would then be the best Ferrari driver in both classifications.

How the MSM driver ranking works

Long-time MSM readers already know the ranking, the now proven system from previous years will be entering its sixth year in 2024. Immediately after the finish of each Grand Prix, we will call you up in our Formula 1 live ticker for the race and here in the article for the ratings of all 20 drivers. You can rate as much as you like until next midday (or longer for evening overseas races).

The average of your marks is used to give each driver a reader’s mark. In parallel with you, we, the MSM F1 crew around Christian Menath, Florian Niedermair and Markus Steinrisser, also rate the performance of all drivers on the weekend in question. We also calculate an average from our judgements – the MSM mark. The overall mark is created in the last step by averaging the user and MSM marks in equal parts. In the event of a tie in the final ranking, the best individual mark decides.

As a little extra, each editor provides his personal hardships of the weekend by choosing and explaining which driver particularly caught his attention. Once in a positive and once in a negative sense. Online, the overall result is always 18:00 the day after the race.

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