Nico Hülkenberg hopes for Formula 1’s favourite track in Canada: Another rain sensation?

At the Monaco GP, the Haas team experienced the lowest point of the season so far, including a major accident at the start. But the US Ferraris are actually among this year’s winners in the Formula 1 field. The major weakness of tire wear has been eliminated and the VF-24 has already achieved five points results. And since Monaco is known to be a very special track, there was no reason for Nico Hülkenberg to be downcast before the Canadian GP.

Favorite track Canada: Nico Hülkenberg full of anticipation

“I’m optimistic. I love this place and this track. It’s one of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. So I’m really looking forward to going out there,” said the German, who had long since forgotten the defeat in the principality as he looked ahead to the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

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The course could suit his company car: “There are more slow corners here, which suits our car better. That makes me a little more optimistic that we will be more competitive.” Now it could be argued that there are plenty of slow corners in Monaco, where Haas started the race from the last row. However, this was due to a disqualification due to an irregular DRS. Otherwise Hülkenberg and his teammate Kevin Magnussen would have been in 12th and 15th place. In addition, there is less downforce in Canada due to the long straights, and that should also help Haas.

Despite last year’s qualifying sensation: Hülkenberg wants it dry

But when it comes to the chance of being even more competitive, the ‘Hulk’ is initially surprising: “I really hope that there will be some dry driving time and not just on rain tires.” Bad weather is once again forecast for the race. The driver from Emmerich excelled in the wet qualifying last year and was only beaten by Max Verstappen. In the end, he finished fifth from second place due to an infringement after the red flag.

In 2023, Hülkenberg performed magic in the rain, Photo: LAT Images
In 2023, Hülkenberg performed magic in the rain, Photo: LAT Images

So does Hülkenberg really not want rain? “It’s just about enjoying the track. Taking the kerbs at high speed. It just feels better in the dry,” he explains his wish. And as for his well-known strength in the wet, the German remains modest: “There’s no guarantee that you’ll be good in wet or mixed conditions. But of course it adds spice and pushes everyone even further to the limit. I don’t have a problem with that, but I take it as it comes.”

Haas driver Nico Hülkenberg
The Haas can also keep up in the race in 2024, Photo: LAT Images

Whether it’s dry or wet, Hülkenberg’s chances are likely to be significantly better than last year. Back then, the tire-eating Haas only finished 15th despite starting from fifth place. This year, the US team can happily compete in the race. On some weekends, the long-run pace was even better than qualifying. The next points will therefore be the goal in order to further consolidate seventh place in the constructors’ championship.

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