Mick Schumacher still has a Formula 1 chance at Williams in 2024? Danner: It has to be used immediately!

Mick Schumacher back in Formula 1? There are always rumors about the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher. One thing is getting hotter: Williams. A place could become available there during the 2024 season. This didn’t go unnoticed by our motorsport expert Christian Danner.

Christian Danner sure: Williams wants to get rid of Sargeant

Of course, it’s about the more than uncertain future of Logan Sargeant. “It’s doubtful that he’ll get further. That’s what we’ve been trying to do at Williams for some time and the learning curve is already relatively horizontal. There’s no outlier upwards where you’d say: It’s worked now, it’s now possible it,” Danner also recognizes the stagnation of the American in the latest issue of AvD Motorsport magazine . You can watch it in full here:

Will Mick Schumacher drive F1 again soon? Danner: Now or never! (32:44 mins)

There is therefore no doubt in his mind: “It is a very clear issue that they want to get rid of him.” But that raises the question of replacement. Not easy during the current 2024 season: “Of course, Williams has a big problem because there aren’t that many places. And ideally you want to give it to someone from whom you can still benefit in the coming year or who will learn something new. One safe bank – in the sense of a guy like Hülkenberg – they dream of that, but it doesn’t exist.”

WEC irrelevant: Schumacher can only recommend himself in Formula 1

And the name Mick Schumacher is mentioned again and again. The Mercedes test driver is one of the few available drivers with Formula 1 experience. If Williams is really thinking about him, the situation is very clear for Danner: “At first I didn’t fully understand that this hype was starting in Germany: Mick Schumacher, that would be something. Because I always thought it was about the next thing Year. But it applies from now on. And of course I have to say that this is an opportunity that Mick has to take advantage of. Otherwise he will be completely forgotten.”

In addition to his test driver job, Schumacher is currently also a pilot in the WEC at Alpine. A commitment that doesn’t bring much in terms of an F1 comeback: “Neither through an internal performance, i.e. that he is always the best Alpine, nor through an external performance, i.e. that he suddenly wins in the WEC, does that work. You always have to divide the WEC by three. Of course, it depends on luck, BOP and so on. You can hardly recommend yourself in that case.” The expert cited the former Ferrari junior Callum Ilott as an example. Despite a WEC victory in Spa, no one cares about the Brit in Formula 1 anymore.

Nico Hülkenberg recommended himself with his appearances at Aston Martin and Racing Point, photo: LAT Images
Nico Hülkenberg recommended himself with his appearances at Aston Martin and Racing Point, photo: LAT Images

However, one of Schumacher’s compatriots recently demonstrated that he could recommend himself with Formula 1 appearances: “Hülkenberg benefited greatly from it [bei seinen Ersatz-Aufritten zwischen 2020 und 2022, Anm. d. Red.]. It’s very simple: If you’re good enough, you can show what you’re made of. Even in a bad car, also in a difficult car and also against Alexander Albon, who drives really solidly and quickly. That’s okay. The risk is big, but I would definitely advise Mick to do it.”

Danner makes it clear: No special super license regulation for Kimi Antonelli

Recently, Mercedes talent Kimi Antonelli was also traded as a replacement for Sargeant. However, the Italian will not receive a super license before his 18th birthday at the end of August. Completely correct for the Formula 1 expert: “Because otherwise everyone else is idiots. It’s just a rule that you can get the super license through success and not through relationships with the automobile association in Italy or the FIA.” A special permit for the super talent would be a fatal own goal: “That would lead to complete absurdity as far as the FIA ​​is concerned.”

Danner also doesn’t think that Antonelli has imposed any sporting imposition: “Kimi Antonelli is an incredibly talented man, but he definitely hasn’t really turned the world upside down this year. He’s done a decent job in Formula 2, like That’s just how you do it as a rookie. But Kimi Antonelli isn’t like Hamilton or Leclerc, for example, who came along and then just won. I still have a big question mark him.” After four weekends, Antonelli is sixth with 36 points Formula 2 overall ranking. That doesn’t even make him the best rookie, that’s currently McLaren junior Gabriel Bortoleto.

Schumacher has to act in 2024: Formula 1 driver market 2025 has a lot to offer

Even if Danner doesn’t think Antonelli is ready yet, it seems clear to him that his sponsors clearly prefer him to Schumacher: “As it looks at the moment, he has [Schumacher] no chance. Those who should know best are Mercedes. Toto Wolff always says that what he does in test drives and in the simulator is fantastic. But what is? You train Kimi Antonelli. They let him drive in the old car for days and invest millions in him instead of saying: We actually have Mick. They don’t believe in him. It’s all about success on the track.”

And that success on track has to happen in 2024 in the case of Williams’ chance. The cards have been completely reshuffled for 2025: “Next year there will be a Bottas on the market, most likely also a Ricciardo. There is a Zhou. Formula 1 is crazy about him staying. That’s logical because of the Chinese market . Then there are a few other candidates. Who knows what will happen to Perez? So there are many people who are available and are clearly ahead of Mick in their predictability. It is therefore all the more important that Schumacher strives for the Williams opportunity in 2024.

The next issue of our AvD Motorsport magazine with Christian Danner will be available next week, because the legendary race is coming up Monaco. Here you can find an overview of all times and broadcasts.

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