Mattia Casadei defeats Zaccone in delayed MotoE Race 1 at Mugello

A serious fall by Lukas Tulovic caused the 1st MotoE race in Mugello to be stopped early on Saturday afternoon. As there was not enough time for a restart before the start of the Moto3 qualifying, the race was postponed to Saturday evening. It was Mattia Casadei who snatched the victory from Alessandro Zaccone on the last lap and regained the lead in the World Championship. Kevin Zannoni finished fourth behind Hector Garzo.

MotoE in Mugello – Round 1: The race film

The starting line-up: 1. Zaccone, 2. Garzo, 3. Granado, 4. Casadei, 5. Zannoni, 6. Spinelli, 7. Ferrari, 8. Finello, 9. Mantovani, 10. Pons, 11. Roccoli, 12. Manfredi, 13. Torres, 14. Gutierrez, 15. Herrera, 16. Davies, 17. Pontone

Begin: Alessandro Zaccone and Hector Garzo start best, dueling through the first few corners. Ultimately, the pole sitter has the upper hand. Behind him are Race 2 winner Kevin Zannoni and Mattia Casadei. Eric Granado is in fifth place ahead of Andrea Mantovani and Nicholas Spinelli.

1 round: Zannoni in reverse! He is overtaken by Casadei at turn six and then loses momentum. He is then overtaken by Granado and Mantovani.

2nd round: Zannoni has already taken back fifth place from Mantovani. In front of him, Casadei and Granado are pushing behind Garzo, who is already losing contact with the leader Zaccone.

4th round: Casadei with a great overtaking maneuver! He overtakes Garzo on the outside lane while braking for ‘San Donato’. He is half a second behind Zaccone, who was unable to pull any further ahead.

6th and penultimate round: Casadei and Garzo give everything to get close to Zaccone again. Granado cannot keep up and loses contact.

7th and final round: Change of leadership! Casadei uses the massive slipstream at the start/finish and brakes past Zaccone in the first corner.

Jordi Torres crashes in the last meters of the 4th sector

Finish line: Zaccone can’t find an answer, Casadei wins the 2nd race in Mugello! Garzo completes the podium in third place, behind him Zannoni snatches fourth place from Granado. Mantovani is sixth, then Massimo Roccoli and Matteo Ferrari. Miquel Pons and Nicholas Spinelli complete the top ten. The last points go to: 11th Gutierrez, 12th Finello, 13th Manfredi, 14th Daviez, 15th Herrera

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