Lewis Hamilton does not regret Ferrari move

Lewis Hamilton will move to Ferrari in 2025 in the hope of winning his eighth world championship title: this has been certain since February 2024. Recently, however, Hamilton’s current team Mercedes has been able to record a clear upward trend and celebrated two consecutive victories in Spielberg and Silverstone after a dry spell of more than one and a half years. The inherited victory from George Russell in Austria was followed by Hamilton’s triumph at the home game in Great Britain under his own steam.

At the same time, Ferrari has been in a state of crisis in recent weeks. Since Charles Leclerc’s emotional victory at his home victory in Monaco, the Scuderia has only been able to collect 50 points. In the same period, Mercedes had 125 points to its name. Ferrari’s extensive Barcelona update was a spectacular flop, so that the team from Maranello even resorted to the Imola specification in Silverstone.

Does Lewis Hamilton regret his decision to change after his emotional victory in front of his home crowd? “That is a question that Lewis is certainly asking himself,” says Christian Danner in the latest issue of the ‘AvD Motorsport Magazine.’ “‘Tell me, what have I done here? I’ve now gone to Ferrari and in the meantime Mercedes has actually managed to produce a car that I can win with.'”

However, Danner does not believe that Hamilton regrets the move. “I am absolutely 100 percent sure that he believes that with his presence, his personality, his driving grandeur, he can personally turn things around at Ferrari,” said the former Formula 1 driver.

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr.
Ferrari has not been able to convince recently, Photo: LAT Images

Danner explains that one of the reasons for this attitude is the way Hamilton has been treated at Mercedes in recent years: “They had already defined him as a superstar and that he, I don’t want to say that he can walk on water, but that he can at least make a not so good car into a better one.”

“It’s so deep in him that he still thinks: ‘Now I’ve managed to get back to the top step of the podium at Mercedes, and now I’m going to show them in Maranello how it’s done. I’m Lewis Hamilton,'” believes Danner. “Please don’t get me wrong: I see Lewis as a great personality, as an incredibly good driver, but it’s just his way of seeing himself the way he sees himself. And that’s the reason why he doesn’t regret going to Ferrari.”

It is precisely because of this attitude that Danner believes that Hamilton does not look back with regret at the fact that Mercedes has now managed to turn around its performance – on the contrary: “He is happy for them because he thinks it is because of him. Lewis managed to finish the race so brilliantly here (in Silverstone; ed.). And there is always something in that.” You can think what you want about Hamilton, says Danner, but: “At the decisive moment, Lewis Hamilton has always delivered.”

Victory lap for Lewis Hamilton after his 9th victory at Silverstone
Does Hamilton regret his departure from Mercedes?, Photo: Mercedes-AMG

Twelve years, 234 GP starts, 78 poles and 83 victories: that is Lewis Hamilton’s current record at Mercedes. Based on this history, Danner is convinced that Hamilton is very happy about Mercedes’ upswing. “He and Mercedes, his team, his life’s work, if you like, did not leave the ring as losers, but as winners,” argues the 66-year-old. “And now a new task is coming and he will tackle it with all optimism, with all verve and energy. I think that’s how you have to see it.”

In view of the current form of the Silver Arrows, Danner believes that Mercedes is on the right track, but does not dare to make a final judgment given the special weather conditions in Silverstone. “We still have to see whether this direction is sufficient in terms of overall performance. So I am still a little skeptical that we have caught up with McLaren and Red Bull.”

Danner also has a clear opinion on the other two current top teams in Formula 1. At Red Bull, doubts about Sergio Perez have increased in recent weeks – despite a recent contract extension. Danner also sees no future for the Mexican with the world champion team – and is calling for Nico Hülkenberg to be his successor. You can read all the details in this article:

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