Formula 1 is still a dream

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes. A long love story is coming to an end. At least mostly a love story. By 2021, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes had won eight constructors’ world championships. Hamilton himself achieved over 80 victories with the Silver Arrows. But in the last few weeks and months, the former dream marriage has crumbled. Ferrari’s farewell and a Mercedes that was still unable to win played their part. Lewis Hamilton still finds motivation.

Lewis Hamilton: I can always improve!

There were more successful times for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. Between 2014 and 2020 he won six world championships with the silver medalists in Formula 1. There has now been a lull in victories for over 2.5 years. His last victory dates back to the 2021 Saudi Arabian GP. He took his last pole in Hungary in 2023.

Hamilton is moving to 2025 Ferrari off. Nevertheless, he doesn’t just want to wait for his Mercedes era to end, but rather makes the best possible use of the time until then. “It’s the general idea that you can always improve. There is always something better or better days to come,” said Lewis Hamilton himself.

Of course, the record world champion loves the particularly good moments, but he also really appreciates the less good ones. “The collaboration, the emotional roller coaster ride with a group of people, is extraordinary,” says Hamilton. “Even if you succeed, you experience it all together. It’s not an individual sport.”

Lewis Hamilton and his love for Formula 1

In addition to his team, Hamilton is driven by something else. “And of course I love what I do! I have loved it since I was a child,” he clarifies. Lewis Hamilton’s great career began in Stevenage. And not with karts. The still young Lewis Hamilton played with remote-controlled toy cars before switching to the much more expensive kart variant.

“I am also aware of how hard my family has worked for this. So I always try to make them proud,” Hamilton explains. He toured across Europe with his father. Anthony Hamilton always gave everything for his son and worked overtime to make his dream possible, despite his limited financial resources.

“It’s still a dream. I’m still very aware of what a privilege it is to be here,” said Hamilton. Regardless of whether he drives with Mercedes or Ferrari in the premier class. A final victory with Mercedes would certainly be the fulfillment of another little dream for Hamilton.

To do this, the Mercedes W15 must first become more competitive again through updates. Red Bull stumbled in Miami. Instead of Mercedes, McLaren and Lando Norris were there. Are the papayas now a permanent candidate for victory? MSM Formula 1 expert Christian Danner has a clear opinion on this.

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