Formula 1 – Driver voting Silverstone 2024: Rate now!

Lewis Hamilton is the winner of the Formula 1 race today in Silverstone! The Mercedes driver wins the twelfth Grand Prix of the 2024 season ahead of Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. But were these three drivers really the best of the entire race weekend? The result often fails to answer this question. That is why we have the driver ranking from!

Qualifying and even practice can ultimately play a significant role in the result. Regardless of the fact that in Formula 1 even the best driver can hardly compensate for a bad car. So we’re asking for your help. Scroll down and rate the performance of all 20 Formula 1 drivers. As always, the whole weekend counts and it’s about the overall driving performance – not just the results.

We, the MSM editors, will also grade. And tomorrow evening, from the overall result, the Publish MSM driver ranking for the Grand Prix. (More on methodology and procedure can be found under the grading.)

Formula 1 Silverstone: Rate drivers now

Of course, we also want to know how much you enjoyed the race itself in 2024. Quickly rate the British GP here, then move on to the drivers.

And now for the actual task: rate the performance of all 20 drivers. Important: At the end, click “Send” at the bottom.

How the MSM driver ranking works

Long-time MSM readers already know the ranking, the now proven system from previous years will be entering its sixth year in 2024. Immediately after the finish of each Grand Prix, we will call you up in our Formula 1 live ticker for the race and here in the article for the ratings of all 20 drivers. You can rate as much as you like until next midday (or longer for evening overseas races).

The average of your marks is used to give each driver a reader’s mark. In parallel with you, we, the MSM F1 crew around Christian Menath, Florian Niedermair and Markus Steinrisser, also rate the performance of all drivers on the weekend in question. We also calculate an average from our judgements – the MSM mark. The overall mark is created in the last step by averaging the user and MSM marks in equal parts. In the event of a tie in the final ranking, the best individual mark decides.

As a little extra, each editor provides his personal hardships of the weekend by choosing and explaining which driver particularly caught his attention. Once in a positive and once in a negative sense. Online, the overall result is always 18:00 the day after the race.

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