David Alonso wins Italian GP in Mugello after red flag

David Alonso wins the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello! The Aspar rider beats a group of five and keeps Collin Veijer at bay on the last lap. The Dutchman finishes second ahead of Ryusei Yamanaka, who celebrates his first Moto3 podium. Ivan Ortola crashed on the last lap in third place, but still finishes the race in sixth place behind Taiyo Furusato and David Munoz. Luca Lunetta, Adrian Fernandez, Jacob Roulstone and Matteo Bertelle complete the top 10.

The race had to be stopped after four laps with a red flag because there was a collision between Xabi Zurutuza and Filippo Farioli in turn ten. Zurutuza had to be treated; initial examinations showed that the Moto3 rookie had injured his back. The race management then shortened the new race distance to 11 laps.

It was a day to forget for Dani Holgado. After a collision at the start, the Spaniard had to complete a double long lap and thus gave up his chance of scoring points. He is now 37 points behind Alonso in the World Championship.

The starting line-up: 1. Alonso, 2. Ortola, 3. Rueda, 4. Veijer, 5. Holgado, 6. Lunetta, 7. Roulstone, 8. Furusato, 9. Kelso, 10. Rossi, 11. Zurutuza, 12. Nepa, 13. Yamanaka, 14. Munoz, 15. Suzuki, 16. Farioli, 17. Fernandez, 18. Ogden, 19. Esteban, 20. Piqueras, 21. Carraro, 22. Bertelle, 23. Whatley, 24. Almansa, 25. Buasri, 26. Dettwiler.

This is how the Moto3 race in Mugello went:

START: Alonso wins the start! David Alonso is able to defend his lead until the first corner and immediately tries to escape to the front. Ortola is on his tail. Furusato and Veijer follow behind. All drivers made it through the first corners cleanly.

Round 02/17: Alonso is really putting the pressure on here, the Aspar man wants to shake off the group and not get involved in slipstream games. But Ortola doesn’t let up and stays on his heels. Munoz shows a great start and is now sixth. Dani Holgado is in eighth place.

Round 03/17: Ortola stays in Alonso’s slipstream and does not attack. Behind him, Collin Veijer passes Furusato for third place. The four leaders have already shrugged off the pursuers by 1.5 seconds.

Round 04/17: Filipp Farioli and Xabi Zurutuza crashed out of the Italian Grand Prix. At the front, Veijer and Furusato closed the gap. Veijer overtook Ortola and is now second.

Round 04/17: RED FLAG The race is interrupted! Zurutuza crashed into a violent crash in turn 9. Farioli was unable to avoid the crash and hit the Spaniard. Zurutuza had to be treated. The race director quickly gave the all-clear, all drivers were conscious.

The two-thirds distance has not been completed after four laps, so the race must be restarted. There is a restart over 11 laps, the starting grid is based on the third lap.

START: Alonso defends lead David Alonso once again defends his lead ahead of Ortola and Veijer. At the back, Jose Antonio Rueda and Stefano Nepa crash. Dani Holgado was also involved. Holgado is now sixth.

Round 02/11: Slipstream battle on the straight! Alonso loses three positions before turn one, Veijer is the new leader ahead of Furusato. Munoz has also joined the leading group in P5. Furusato takes the lead in turn 10.

Round 03/11: Long lap for Holgado! The World Championship runner-up acted too boldly in the first corner and caused Nepa and Rueda to fall. His chances of victory are now off the table. Alonso has now moved back to the front and is trying to escape.

Round 04/11: Munoz is now also busy and is already in third place. There he has to defend himself against Furusato. In turn ten, Furusato pulls off a maneuver and passes. Holgado serves his penalty and returns to the track outside the top 20.

Round 06/11: Six-way battle at the top: Alonso, Veijer, Munoz, Furusato, Ortola and Yamanaka have shaken off their pursuers and are now fighting for victory. Alonso is attempting to escape at the front and is already half a second ahead. Veijer is behind him, ahead of Furusato.

Round 07/11: Veijer takes the lead! Behind him there is a fierce battle between Ortola, Furusato and Munoz. Alonso is lurking in second place.

Round 08/11: Alonso back in the lead ahead of Yamanaka and Furusato. Munoz braked slightly too late in Turn 1 and immediately lost three positions. Alonso puts half a second between himself and Yamanaka.

Round 09/11: Alonso has broken the slipstream and remains in the lead. The two MSi drivers Yamanaka and Ortola are in second and third place.

Round 10/11: Veijer now starts the last attempt to stop Alonso, the Dutchman sets the fastest lap and is back in second place. Munoz seems to have some problems keeping up with the pace, he is only sixth.

Round 11/11: Veijer can easily close the gap! Alonso is now less than half a second ahead. The MSi drivers are fighting it out for the last podium spot.

GOAL: ALONSO WINS! David Alonso wins in Mugello! Collin Veijer gives it his all, drives a great last lap, but it is not enough to attack Alonso. Ryusei Yamanaka comes in third because Ivan Ortola crashes on the last lap. Furusato comes in fourth, ahead of Munoz and Ortola, who was able to pick up his bike quickly.

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