David Alonso takes third win of the season after last lap duel against Dani Holgado

David Alonso takes his third victory of the season at Le Mans! After a tough, unfought race, he prevailed against Dani Holgado and Collin Veijer, who reached the finish in second and third place. Joel Esteban narrowly missed the podium in fourth place, Ivan Ortola came fifth ahead of Adrian Fernandez, who managed to catch up after two long lap penalties. Completing the top ten are Ryusei Yamanaka, Jose Antonio Rueda, Tatsuki Suzuki and Angel Piqueras. The Swiss Noah Dettwiler finished the Le Mans race in 18th place.

In the drivers’ standings, Holgado remains at the top, but his pursuer David Alonso only has one point less with 93 points. Collin Veijer consolidates third place in the championship, but is already 32 points behind Holgado.

Moto3 in Le Mans – the racing film

Starting lineup: 1. Alonso, 2. Holgado, 3. Rueda, 4. Fernandez, 5. Veijer, 6. Ortola, 7. Kelso, 8. Munoz, 9. Piqueras, 10. Yamanaka, 11. Roulstone, 12. Ogden, 13. Rossi, 14. Suzuki, 15. Lunetta, 16. Esteban, 17. Furusato, 18. Zurutuza, 19. Bertelle, 20. Carraro, 21. Farioli, 22. Almansa, 23. Nepa, 24. Dettwiler, 25. Whatley, 26. Buasri

Begin: Holgado and Alonso get off to the best start, Holgado makes his maneuver in turn three and moves into the lead. David Munoz and Jose Antonio Rueda are in third and fourth place. All pilots have gotten through the first sectors well so far.

1 round: Munoz gets serious and attacks David Alonso for second place in turn 10. Adrian Fernandez overtakes Rueda for fourth place.

2nd round: Filippo Fariloi has to give up. He returns to the pits with technical problems. Collin Veijer also grabs Rueda. Fernandez pushes past Alonso in the last corner.

3rd round:Now Alonso is already fifth. Collin Veijer overtakes him in turn three. Fernandez does the first long lap and slips back to 16th place. This means Veijer is now third. Angel Piqueras sets the fastest lap of the race.

4th round: Piqueras attacks in turn three and soon overtakes Alonso. The Leopard driver is now fourth. Alonso counterattacks in turn 12.

5th round: Again Piqueras pulls off a great maneuver on the outside of turn three to get past Alonso.

6th round: The field remains close together. Piqueras and Ortola come a little closer to each other in the first chicane and touch each other. Neither of them gives in. Piqueras has the upper hand for now.

7th round: Ricardo Rossi is now also playing at the front. He passes Alonso and is now fourth.

8th round: Alonso is back in sixth place. Rossi attacks Munoz and falls over the front wheel. Munoz had touched him. The stewards will look into it.

9th round: Veijer has now taken over the leadership of Holgado. Munoz sticks to Holgado’s tail. Alonso is also back in fourth place.

10th round: Here comes the punishment for Munoz! Double long lap, his chances of winning are gone. The punishment is completely fine.

12th round: Holgado is back at the top ahead of Veijer and Alonso. Ortola and Piqueras are lurking in fourth and fifth positions.

13th round: Small mistake by Holgado in turn five, Veijer immediately punishes it and takes the lead.

15th round: Contact between Holgado and Veijer! On the home straight, Holgado overtakes and crosses the line with the Dutchman. The scene ends happily. Both remain seated, Holgado apologizes with a show of hands.

17th round: Ortola attacks Alonso and is now third. Alonso will now receive a visit from his teammate Joel Esteban. In turn ten, Alonso passes Ortola again.

18th round: Again Holgado goes a little wide in turn six, Veijer slips through. Now Alonso attacks the front, Holgado counters!

18th round: Holgado passes again on the straight and takes the lead. Alonso and Veijer are glued to his rear.

20th round: Holgado goes into the last lap as the leader! Alonso, Veijer and Ortola follow him. Alonso passes Holgado in turn two!

Finish line: David Alonso wins! He defends himself hard against Dani Holgado, and they both touch each other on the back straight. Holgado gives everything in the last corners, but can no longer get past the Aspar driver. Collin Veijer secured third place ahead of Joel Esteban and Ivan Ortola.

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