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Carlos Sainz’s future in Formula 1 remains uncertain. Two weeks ago, the Spaniard officially turned down the very attractive positions at Red Bull and Mercedes and will have to look a few shelves lower for next season. Sauber and Williams, who are currently in the last two places in the Constructors’ World Championship, are still considered the hottest candidates for a signing.

Sainz assures: Decision on F1 future is approaching

But the Spaniard is still taking his time choosing his new team this season – too much time, many say. According to Sainz, however, this will soon be over. “I know what options are on the table. I am ready to make a decision and that decision will be made quickly,” explained the three-time Grand Prix winner on the Spanish talk show El Hormiguero’s.

“I want to get that out of the way,” he added. “I have to make the decision and then focus on the rest of the season. Only then can I start thinking about my future with the other team. This year I have a car that can take podiums and wins. That’s what I want to focus on now.”

Sainz reveals: All teams with a free spot offered me a contract

Sainz certainly has no shortage of options. “There are several teams that are possible for me,” explained the still-Ferrari driver. Sauber, Williams, Alpine, Haas, the Racing Bulls and, to a lesser extent, Aston Martin have all not yet announced their full driver duo for the coming season. They would all be happy with what is probably the best remaining option on the driver market.

The Spaniard himself revealed how hotly contested Sainz is among the remaining teams. “All the teams that have not yet signed two drivers for next year have me on their list and have offered me a contract.”

Podium with Oscar Piastri (McLaren), winner Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. (both Ferrari), as well as Prince Albert.
Sainz is considered a top option in the F1 driver market, Photo: LAT Images

And even if Sainz, who has already been on the podium four times this season, wants to announce his decision in the distant future, it is nevertheless well considered. “I could sign a contract tomorrow,” revealed the Spaniard. “I won’t do that, I’ll take a little more time.”

One driver who could be replaced by Carlos Sainz is Guanyu Zhou. The current Sauber driver is currently fighting for his future in Formula 1, but experienced his absolute lowest point at the Canadian GP. More details about Zhou’s horror weekend can be found here:

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