Aleix Espargaro plans MotoGP comeback: 2025 wildcards with Honda

Aleix Espargaro will end his career as a regular rider in MotoGP at the end of the year. The Catalan announced this a few weeks ago at his home race in Barcelona, ​​and shortly afterwards the official confirmation that he will be leaving Aprilia followed. Espargaro will join Honda from next season and support the struggling MotoGP giant as a development rider. Now the veteran has revealed that the season finale in Valencia in November will probably not be his last MotoGP appearance.

Aleix Espargaro: 2025 wildcards with Honda

“Yes, there is a plan to hold a few wildcards,” Espargaro confirmed about possible races next season. “But I don’t think that’s particularly important at the moment. But if I’m supposed to ride, then of course I’ll do it.” Espargaro will turn 35 at the end of this month. The fact that he is of advanced MotoGP age doesn’t bother him. “I think I’ve proven that I’m still fast,” he clarified.[Mark] Cavendish also won and he is almost 40 years old,” the Aprilia rider recalled his cycling friend, who secured his 35th stage victory in the Tour de France a few days ago.

“So I still have four or five years in which I can be really fast. But the most important thing will be that I Joan Mir and Luca Marini,” said Espargaro. He is optimistic about the challenge of helping the Honda project get back on its feet. “This is a really good opportunity for me, that’s why I signed the contract.”

Aleix Espargaro: I don’t just have technical tasks

The tasks of the new Honda development rider will not only relate to the MotoGP bike. Rather, he will take on the role of ‘captain’, as he does at Aprilia. “It’s not just the technical tasks, where I naturally try to develop the bike further, as I did with Aprilia, for example. It’s also about being a team player, working with the riders in the pit and giving them a good feeling. I think that’s very, very important and exactly what they need at the moment.”

Espargaro is expected to improve the mood among the Honda riders, Photo: LAT Images
Espargaro is expected to improve the mood among the Honda riders, Photo: LAT Images

The three-time Grand Prix winner sees this as one of the Japanese team’s biggest problems. “Everything is missing at the moment. You just have to put yourself in Honda’s difficult position. They were a team that won every weekend and now they don’t even finish in the points,” said Espargaro. “It’s certainly an emotional shock. So I’m sure I can help them on the technical side, but above all as a team player to bring a better mood into the garage.”

Now it’s up to you: Is Aleix Espargaro the right development rider for Honda? Can he bring the Japanese back to the top of the MotoGP field? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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